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  1. holy **** apex is still around playing GR? to bad this game and its original style wouldnt come back, best there ever was.
  2. Im sure the title has ya confused so let me explain. Im rebuilding my chopper into a WW2 flying tiger tribute bike based off of famous ace "Tex" Hill. Im wanting to add a bomb to each side of my swingarm that will become a small style saddle bag that could hold a 2 litler soda,water, cell phone etc. i have some drawings and shouldnt take anytime at all to design one out, i just need a idea to show the machine shop. either the front will raise up or down and the top will open up. it will look bad ass i havent been around GR for a long time but i once knew some great modelers here, hope they are still around. thanks all just pm me or post here
  3. Ghost recon was my very first FPS. i joined JTF-3 then CBA in IGS leagues, and loved the game till it was taken away from gamespy. the matches every night i loved and miss dearly. CBA moved onto Americas army, Arma,COD (all versions) OFP all of the DR was just horrible. We are still ripping it up in arma 2 and Cod black ops. We never did like the GR games after original GR it wasnt the same and the game play was bad. If they used the engines they have already they could redo the game and OMG it would look sweet. Give the mod tools and let us run with it. A re release of Org. GR and the same maps would blow up and roll in the money for sure. Gr was the easiest game for a ladder, the replay options un real and none like it since. It ran so smoothly i recall one match 4 teams maxed out TM4 was the winner by 1 kill. no lag no crash. BRING BACK GR!!!!!!!!! this new game looks good but the OSView is gay and they said they arent going to change it anyways nice topic lets hope UBI and Redstorm read it.
  4. I use to re texture alot of maps even have a few mods out, Thanks to Sleepers teaching. My clan CBA started with GR and we are still playing together to this day. We play many games from Arma to il2. I just seen the post for the mega buy on steam i may have to see if the guys wanna go at it again since there isnt much for FPS games out now. When they dropped GR from Gamespy i think ruined it alot. there has never been a game released like GR since. the replay option was the best i have seen and hasnt been used since except for COD black ops. and works great. The map size was awesom to not being bottle necked all the time and able to choose your attack was nice to. Geez all this talk wants me to yell sensor down on G6 on comms, lmfao
  5. Hey Rocky its been a very long time since ive been around but if your looking for my spec. ops_TRR you can grab it on our website. http://www.cba-clan.com/downloads.html user: cba pw: download you can upload it if you like just dont link the download to us. If your looking for the old TRR org. maps i have them somewhere also. just drop me a email if you want. Ltrz CBA_Bludawg
  6. np thank you. hard to believe that i did them so many years ago and i still get asked to where to download them. thanks again and glad you like it.
  7. sounds sweet i may have to dig up the ole disc and see if Gr will even install and give it a try when its done. ? for Mig did you play CFS in the 83rd squadron? If so i know ya!
  8. Hey guys. Thanks for all the nice words on my winter mod. It didnt get as big as i hoped it would. the main problem was the size of the download. It was done for IGS leagues, BQL, and a few other leagues used it as well. Thats why there was never no missions included. I had alot of help along the way. Sleeper was the man and pretty much taught me everything I have no idea how i missed the problem on big castle as we played that map alot during beta testing. Im sorry for that. I still have most of my files on disc at home. If anyone wants all the textures i used etc ill gladly look for them and send them. I have stuff from brick,dirt,wood,logs, to ice. it may make a nice download to. If i can be of any help just email me at bludawg@hotmail.com or post on our forums www.cba-clan.com Thanks again Sleeper and to everyone else i met and talked to at GR.net that helped me.
  9. ok this is the third time GRAW has done this. it will run fine for weeks then out of the clear blue it stops loading up. I see the Graw logo at start then screen goes black and its trying to load then get a CRIT error. no sound,intro nothing. this is whats in the error info box maybe someone can translate this. AppName: graw.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown ModVer: Offset: 76724449 if i click to see full detail of the list we would have to find a harddrive alone as the list goes forever and way to much to post here. the other two times i reformatted to fix but im about to give up on this game since it keeps doing this. worked fine till i did the last patch. uninstalled and reinstalled till smoke came out of the drive. (just kidding) anyone have any thoughts? pc info x-fi extreme music sound card latest drivers 7950 520 extreme and latest 91.47 drivers amd 64 3500 2 gigs of ram all sticks working windows xp sp 2 and all updates dx9c thanks
  10. yeah both are up to date we both can play in differ servers at the same time and but if we join the same server one of us gets the boot.
  11. well we play online just fine just cant be in same server. if im in it when he joins it kicks me and lets him play. linksys network everywhere i know a cheap one but i cant find my gaming one we just moved lol
  12. hello i have 2 d2d graw games and when me and my son try to play in same server it boots us out. yes i have 2 valid downloads and keys. i had same problem with cod2 but had to add this in the target path for it to work. + set netport_28962 (hes 28961) what ports does graw run on? or is there another fix to this?
  13. i have nemons opener, but i been doing the local folder method and only extracting the files needed. not the whole bundle. that file hasnt been touched at all nor that folder
  14. tell us how to do it and ill edit mine im 36 lol
  15. i set the line in the context.xml in root dir. to true before i touch anything correct? <!-- Enable this for bundled versions. --> <compile xml="true" scripts="false" mopps="false" texture_db="false"/></context> just to see if the game works i tried starting it up and get this error and i havent done a damn thing to any files yet. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.10 c:\Code\Engine\dieselx\source\utility\Archive.cpp(1745)Cannot open d:\games\graw\data\gui\cross_com_zoomed_hud.xml.bin if i set it back to false it works fine anyone have any ides on this one as to what im doing wrong. thanks
  16. what file do we mess with to brighten up the models in game? i reskinned the camo already seems to dark still, ive seen other post where they made them look brighter and not so dull. is there a way to edit the shadows also? thanks
  17. well its nothing to do with the bullets its how they have the damage set up to parts of the model. its the same way in mp to.
  18. thank god for buying at EB games, im returning both copies of mine. RVS vegas looks very tight, armed assault is on its way and cant wait. fix the problems and i may return.
  19. i think its cause the game is unfinished and just runs crappy no matter what you have. finish the game and fix crap and it would prolly run alot better.
  20. Actually there was only 1, as the other one was a hotfix for SLI/Dual Core PC's? How long did it take for that hotfix to be released? About a month wasn't it? We already had a patch in less than 10 days after release. Their SDK was just released around April as well, so thats a few months after release. graws patch was being worked on well before the release since they knew about the problems way ahead of time. do you recall the server 1.06 on the day of release? look at the installers notes to version 1.0 to 1.06 we are at 1.02 so its been sitting and waiting. they just gave you a little food is all and it didnt fix anything really either.
  21. gr1 ran perfect on the server as its the same one we had back in 2002, all we upgraded was the ram and HD. 1 error was dx updated that to latest and the next i cant recall, ill look and see if the log is still there. it would start to load and the graw logo would come up turn blk and crash out. this is the only game we have that wont work on our server, we have pacific fighters,fear,cod2, americas army, ofp,bf2,gr,and hf2 (use to have rvs) all run perfect and we even can run 2 games at once. we have full control over our rack dedi to. maybe in june if the patch comes it will have dedi files.
  22. im looking right now on 4 game boxes that are sitting on my desk not a single one says anything about a windows server 2003. and WOW they run fine on my dedi. 2nd we arent running our dedi from a home type pc. alot of clans RENT servers. and you cant choose what os you want. (linux or windows only ) no choice of xp or xp pro. lmao 3rd GRAW as same specs as the other games
  23. well our dedi server with primary target wont run it either and its on windows server 2003. matter of fact it ###### the machine up. so yeah this game is a joke to me also. i mean damn near everygame i play from gr1 to now has had dedi files released to or able to run the game in dedi mode on a dedi server (like cod2) not only that but you can hack the crap out of this game why didnt they protect the files? and i didnt buy 2 GRAW's just for graphics i bought it for MP laddering, and it dont beat out HF2. doesnt even come close. Virus did you ever get your Pc from Bray?
  24. well there are some hidden files you can mess with that will open up many doors. from super zoom, no recoil to spread.theres even a god mode. bad thing is these work in MP also.
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