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  1. I like some of the old cars, especially Mustangs...but, the Supra would kick all of their "classic" butts in a race. Too bad, so sad. ;)


    Take a STOCK 67 Stang and race it with a STOCK '00 Supra... garanteed, the Stang would win every time... crap, take my STOCK 90 DeVille against it, and I'd win every time. lol. :)

    I said nothing about them being STOCK. And as stock versions the Mustang might win in a straight line drag but the newer cars are far superior in handling. The "classics" handle like ######.

    Not to mention that the Imports nowadays get WAY more horsepower out of smaller engines. Eg. the Nissan 350Z with it's 6 cylinder engine kick's the Ford Mustang's V8's heiney. Ford should really hang their head in shame.

  2. Its not MP only at all. Must be something up with your gr cause it over lays the Orig Miss characters so you get swat guys on all the orig GR maps. If people want them for IT and DS they will just need to copy the Chrs and name them like the DS and IT ones.

    There's nothing up with my GR, i was trying to use the mod on an Island Thunder map. :yes:

  3. I tried using this mod and it didn't work. The regular soldiers all wore the stock GR uniforms, as did the specialists. I set the mod as top priority as well and that didn't help. This isn't a multiplayer only mod is it?

    EDIT: Doh!!! Apparently it is MP only, crap. :(

  4. This is exactly the kind of BS that convicted killers shouldn't have the "right" to do:

    Killer Taunts Victim's Family Over the Internet

    Tuesday, January 13, 2004

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Mary Kate Gach (search) thought she had heard the last of Jack Trawick (search) when he went to death row for murdering her daughter in 1992.

    Instead, Trawick's twisted writings about how he beat, strangled and stabbed Stephanie Gach and killed other women are available to anyone who wants to read them on the Internet. Many of the writings were put there by a one-time pen pal and admirer of Trawick's.

    The killer even taunts Mary Kate Gach by name.

    "I'm mad as hell," she said. "Those people don't even have a right to speak my name or my child's name. There's got to be a way to keep them from funneling this stuff out of prisons."

    Around the country, dozens of U.S. death row inmates have gotten their letters and artwork posted on the Internet, a practice that torments the victims' grieving friends and relatives.

    "It's going on all over," said Nancy Ruhe, executive director of Parents of Murdered Children in Cincinnati. "People say to me all the time, `When are these (victims) going to get over it?' They can't."

    Experts say little can be done about Web sites featuring the writings of killers.

    "It's the First Amendment," Ruhe acknowledged.

    Typically, material from inmates makes it onto the Internet through an intermediary. Prisoners send letters to people or companies on the outside, where it is then posted online.

    Alabama prison officials say it appears Trawick stopped sending out new stories about murder after Gach's mother and others complained last year. But Trawick's old writings are still on the Web, along with gruesome drawings of murdered women.

    In one letter posted on the Internet, Trawick reveled in the Gach slaying.

    "I would do the whole thing again knowing death row was waiting for me," Trawick, 56, wrote from Holman Prison.

    Trawick confessed to kidnapping Gach, 21, from a Birmingham-area shopping mall in 1992. He took her to an isolated area where he beat her with a hammer, strangled her and stabbed her through the heart.

    Gach's body was thrown off an embankment, where it was found the next day. Trawick was convicted in 1994, and he was convicted the next year in the slaying of Aileen Pruitt, 27, killed about four months before Gach.

    Trawick has yet to exhaust his appeals, and no date for his execution has been set.

  5. I agree with that. It's the crap they try to pull while in jail that makes a person sick or should. Like gimme my tv or gimme some porn to pass the time.

    your opinion is typical of your type. ask the next ex-con you see if he had cable televison and frosted flakes upon demand !!

    its frightening that there are people like you who will become future senators, judges, lawmakers and such.

    you are disconected from reality, find an outlet and plug yourself in. :wacko:

  6. I heard UJ was going to be redone to provide for all the Counterstrike players out there..... that could be bad for realism buffs...

    They've announced at the @War website that Urban Justice has been postponed indefinitely. :(

  7. My opinion is in the first post of this thread. Anything else, is just stirring some debate. :)

    That's debateable. :D

    I don't assume anything cuz that would make an a-s-s out of u and me.

    And I don't pay much attention to internet 'badges'.

    "They use their "rights" for stuff like cable television and what brand of cereal they want. They don't deserve any of that, and costs us money."

    I agree with that. It's the crap they try to pull while in jail that makes a person sick or should. Like gimme my tv or gimme some porn to pass the time.

  8. Anyway, I updated the models and the texture a bit, to reflect my current level of progress. In case you haven't seen them, here are a couple of shots of the MP5. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.



    MP5 Navy


    MP5 with all available accessories


    I don't know when I'll release the weapons, because DYNACOMP is top modding priority right now, although it wouldn't take too much effort to simply export the models, and put together a small mod.

    Those look superb!! I look forward to them and Dynacomp as well. :thumbsup:

  9. Scratch that idea. :( The only texture I have for my MP5 series is a backup JPG image that just doesn't do the original texture any justice. I'll have to find the original texture (or make another one) before I can do anything with them. Sorry.

    So will you still be releasing your MP5 mod eventually? :please:

  10. @Ruin: You started off sounding very ###### off about these punks and what they did to your friend. Then you post a long CONDESCENDING reply about their legal rights and so on. It seemed a tad hypocritical to me and convenient for you to take this route just to try to make people who aren't liberal-minded like you look stupid.

    I've taken Law and Pyschology courses as well so i'm well aware of the criminals legal rights. My opinion is that they deserve to be found guilty in court and stuck in a cell to rot for what they did. And once in prison you lose alot of your rights and personal freedoms. That is what I meant by them not deserving to have most of their rights after commiting such a violent and anti-social crime.

    Also IMO the legal system is a joke nowadays and criminal's have more rights than the victims. This is unfair and outrageous to me. Victim's don't generally ask to victimized and the predator's and bullies of the world get way too much leniency and 'gentle' treatment.(IMO)

    Don't be afraid to voice your 'full' opinion once in a damn while Ruin, it might not make you popular but at least you'll be true to yourself and those around you.

  11. and Pyro's right; the bad guys have rights.

    Even if they commit the most terrible crime out there, they're still protected by law.... heck, by the Law of the Land: The United States Constitution.

    Uhhh,yeah i'm fully aware the scumbags have rights. I'm just not gonna shed a tear over'Joe Switchblades' feelings or rights after he just knifed somebody.

    Maybe you should go visit your friend in the hospital and give him the '######-bags have rights' lecture. I wonder how he'll enjoy that?

  12. The wrong-doers have rights too, you know.

    Wow now I know where the term 'Bleeding heart Liberal's' comes from.

    I'm not talking death penalty but a slap on the wrist is b.s. for such a predatory act. The last thing I'm concerned about is Stabby McGee's frickin rights. (but that's just me). When you attempt to kill or grievously harm someone you should lose most of your rights imo.

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