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  1. EDIT: just tried here and it works (use dl link on left side of page once opening the link below) http://www.rainbowsix.org/ghostrecon_link2...85110eecb5746f5 ←
  2. Rocky - I have uploaded this mod to FileFront for you. ←
  3. I get this error when i use that link: 404: Die gewünschte Datei wurde nicht gefunden. This is definitely the mod I am looking for. Thanks for trying guys.
  4. Hey all, looking for the Swiss Special Forces mod, version 1.1 (I think). I found a link for it somewhere, but it was a dead Fileplanet link. Anyone know where i can find this one? It has some nice Sig 550's, 551's with acogs(or aimpoints) and m203's. I'd like to get my hands on it again if possible. Thanx in advance for any help.
  5. House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark are both really bad. Basically avoid anything directed by Uwe Boll. (think that's his name) That guy really blows.
  6. So what game are you modding for now? I didn't get the memo.
  7. Bobcaygeon(spelling?)-Tragically Hip.
  8. Actually made things slower for me, not sure what i did wrong. I'm on a slower cable connection maybe that's the problem?
  9. My nephew loves blue LED lights, he would be very envious!
  10. You mean this mod found in the downloads section of Ghost Recon.net? Ghost ###### A Total Conversion Mod by James and Scott Requires Ghost Recon Added on 1/12/2002 Weighs 37700 kilobytes 3932 clicks All main elements of the game were changed including sounds, splash screens, and textures. This mod is only a joke - dont be offended. Main Download
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