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  1. Ubisoft you did good on the motherland update. But to further your progress, y’all should focus more on better looking gear and more variety with different pouches, mags, ptt, radio etc. Especially when it comes to chest rigs and THE ABILITY TO TURN ON AND OFF THE BATTLE BELTS. I would love to see chest rig set up that resembles Chest rigs from call of duty (how the chest rigs got utility pouch on the back of the rig (lower back). The ability to change color on battle belt and holster also give more variety of battle belt and holster combos. Breakpoint is at the point where everything should be customizable and have the ability to add more pouches, mags, etc cosmetics to further the realism. And one more thing, some of the camo colors are off and too bright, better color gamma is definitely need (DCU looks yellow) (Brown color needs to be change to look more like dark earth) (etc)
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