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  1. Rowdee here. Original PBC member. Back when it was us, WYB and those other guys you couldnt beat. LOL
  2. Hi everyone. Dont know if theres anyone around from the real old days. I started out with PBC later to become MWH. Im Rowdee. Anyone from that era still hanging round? I lost my discs years ago and I just finished DLing thru Steam and Im busy setting up mods. Got some help on that. Installing for Steam is a bit different. Anyway, Just living in the past.
  3. Worked perfect. thx for the help.
  4. Things were so much simpler in the old days....lol
  5. OK. maybe thats whats happening. I try that destination. thx man
  6. Back for more. I went ahead and got the Steam versions of all three. Now, will mods work in these versions? I tried to dl and install HX5 and it wont install. Some kind of error. Same with a couple others that Im trying to use. Im hoping theres a way to do this. Im looking round for an old XP system I can maybe set up and use too. Always loved this game. Love to be able to play some firefight.
  7. Hi guys. Rowdee here from the old days. I got a gold copy of the original and installed it and Im trying to get it to run in compatibility mode on a Win 10 computer. Just doesnt seem to want to work in any mode. From 98 to Vista. Any ideas here? BTW, I was PBC back in the day with Buddha, Rock and those guys. Yeah, way back there.
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