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  1. I think I exactly said that but that is NOT what I asked for. Without having a visual representation of the firing mode on the actual 3d weapon I remind myself this information by displaying weapon information... but I want to remove ammo count on this particular HUD element. Mag count is OK, just ammo count is not realistic.
  2. Yes, I tried it before. Gave "HU - No Crosshairs" the highest priority, but it seems it has no effect in the game. "HU - No Reticules" disables all reticules, and "HU - No Scopes" disables all long distance scopes, so that is not what I want. I kind of worked around that by using key F9 which is by default bind to "remove all HUD" and that includes ALL reticules, everything, when I want. With ACOG I remove everything when I am not sighted, and enable it only when sighted, for maximum realism. As for the red pips representing the "feel" of the weapon. It's debatable, I can see some be
  3. Best mod ever! Much respect for all the hard work. One question though -- is this somehow possible to remove/disable expanding pip reticule? This is completely unrealistic to have an artificial red pip reticule together with for example acog.
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