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  1. Well I have Spectrum. And as for my router its an old Linksys. And I'm up in Ohio. I've tried both opening the ports as mentioned and bypassing the router all together by hard-wiring it to my PC.
  2. It doesnt work. Ive done that. And we've both completely disabled our firewalls before trying to connect. And I have tried to port forward my router and that still does not work
  3. My friend has the same problem I have. Neither of us can host a coop game and neither of us can find each other's server. I guess the root of my problem is I don't know how to use those third party programs aforementioned. Ive watched and studied as many tutorials as I could find.
  4. I'm a little desperate but I'm also extremely frustrated with it. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No 4.Yes 5.Yes I'm also playing with the Heroes Unleashed mod.
  5. I hate to resort to this, but I really would appreciate help getting Ghost Recon coop to work. I've tried every program (tungle, himachi, game ranger, evolve, zero tier etc) and Ive watched every single tutorial out there but I still cannot figure it out. I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to changing router settings, and setting IP address and all that jazz. This is where things get grey for me. I simply cannot figure it out. I am asking if someone would be willing to voice chat with me and be patient because I am completely green stuff this technical. If you are willing to help me get coop going, I will gift you a game on Steam that is equal value to the original Ghost Recon as a way of saying thank you.
  6. I ended up playing around with it and it looks like the points don't carry over from mission to mission. So if you want a specific medal you, you need to limit yourself to that many kills per mission only. Which is kind of bogus, but it is what it is
  7. Oh nice. That makes more sense as well. Thank you for finding that one out
  8. Hello. I'm just now starting to get into Ghost Recon for the PC and I dived right in with Heroes Unleashed. Simply astonishing work. It really sets the game apart from the original. I have a question about the platoon set up. Unlike in the original vanilla game, I can't figure out how to give my soldiers the skill points they've earned. In Heroes Unleashed, was the feature removed? Or controlled automatically? Cheers
  9. In one mission, I've had a solider kill around 30 enemies and at the end get awarded a decoration for those kills. But how are the points tallied? Does he have to get all 30 kills in one mission or I can I space it out and get 10 kills in one mission, and 10 in another and 10 in the third mission and then have the decoration unlocked? Normally I'd just play to find out, but I'm really struggling to get past even the second mission and I was curious. Thanks
  10. For crying out loud, is there a mod that quadruples, quintuples, sextuples, septuples or octuples your health at least? I'm playing on Recruit and I've died 30 times in the upstairs of that farm house on the second level. The guy is down the hall in the room with the pilot and his rifle is aimed right down the hall at me. I cant blind fire around the corner and the second I even get my elbow past the wall I'm dead... I'm dead before I can even click the mouse to shoot, let alone aim it down the hall and settle my reticle on him. And its not just this level. Any time I know theres gonna be CQC I already know its gonna take 60 tries. And this completely ruins the game. Many years ago I used to play Ghost Recon on the PS2 and I don't remember the game EVER being this hard. For being a soldier from the most advanced military in the world with the highest quality gear and equipment its bull that one shot from a mile away kills you. I can see this being a fun difficulty for Veteran or above... But for Recruit? I've never liked FPS on the PC anyway, I've always preferred console but even so the ONLY way to progress is to quick save and quick load and this sucks because it sucks out ALL of the sense of accomplishment and achievement for getting your team through the level. Are there ANY kind of mods that make this game easier to play?
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