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  1. Thanks for the input! Here's the fix: it takes grenades to actually disable the vehicles in mission 22. Next I'll figure out that bayonet affixed to my shotgun Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, I just signed up b/c I am looking for a fix to my problem: I have played the "HU Campaign" up to mission 22 (Spectre Wind) - twice! For the life of me I cannot finish the objective "vehicle park" - so, basically, I am stuck in mission 22 with no enemy left, having been all over the map, shot at every tire of every vehicle on the map - phew... While the mod is AWESOME, I'm a little flustered and would appreciate some help, since I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance! Cheers (BTW: is the bayonet of any use, i.e. does it work?)
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