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  1. All my Ghost Recon's are legal versions ..... just annoying that they do not load on Windows 10....... I think I am going to use an older HD I have to install window xp or 7 and run it from there or buy the steam version ....thanks to everyone for their input
  2. Hi Zeealx, thanks for the info.....I tried to find that file " options.txt " but couldnt find it ....I must be doing something wrong
  3. Thanks to everyone....I am trying to load from disk not from Steam-version ..... I cannot change my resolution to 640x480 ....is that because of Windows 10 or Video card geforce 8080gt ? Do I need to be able to do set my resolution to 640x480 with the steam version?
  4. I installed Ghost Recon on my pc with widows 10 and it installed OK, but when I try to run it all I get is my wallpaper and nothing starts no error messages nothing , I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same results......Please can anyone help me
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