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  1. Hi Ruin. Yep, the log was taken literally two or three seconds after the crash. I dunno why but it used to put the Surface Formats Supported part at the bottom and the other bits nearer the top (don't know if that matters....probably not) I don't have IT or DS. I so wish I did but I got Ghost Recon then my CD Drive packed in so I need to get it fixed before I buy the other games. I dunno why I'm so into getting my face onto one of the Ghosts, I should really get back to concentrating o finishing the mission I was making first. I just saw that tutorial by chance called modding your face and I couldn't resist. Now I'm totally sidetracked with it It wasn't five minutes ago I was asking for help in the forum on making a mission. Aahahhhh there's just so much stuff you can all do and I'm rubbish... hehe! Anyhow, if and when I finish my mission, I'd like to put it on Ghost Recon.net and see what people think, so I'm going to concentrate on that and get it done before I bother with the skinning anymore
  2. Since it's not very big I've included the entire Ike.log file: ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: AuthenticAMD 1000 MHz Athlon RAM: 256 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 build 2600 SURFACE FORMATS Format D3DFMT_R8G8B8 Not Supported Format D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8 Supported Format D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8 Supported Format D3DFMT_A4R4G4B4 Supported Format D3DFMT_R5G6B5 Supported RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.tga RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb Unable to find ike_fx_fire_type2.tga anywhere. RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_dust.tga RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb Unable to find lighthalo_effect3.rsb anywhere. RSSoundMgrPC: Selecting sound device VIA Audio (WAVE) driver is viaudio.sys RSSoundManager: Could not get propertyset RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file logoubi.avi If you have any ideas Ruin, I'd really appreciate the help.. Alsso.. to Whisperxox: which option do you use in the Blend Alpha pulldown menus? I've tried it with "zero" and "one" Thanks guys
  3. I have followed the tutorial on the website (Modding your Face) but when I run the game and try to select my guy to play it crashes to desktop. I read the FAQ but to be honest I didn't find it too helpful (as I'm crap when it comes to log files etc..) One thing I did notice however, in the last few lines of the log is that format RSsomethingsomething isn't supported. (I can't check exactly what it said cos I'm at work and my beady-eyed manager is giving me a hard time) Even if she weren't I couldn't check cos I don't have GR on my work 'puter. I'm using Paintshop Pro v7 with the RSB plugin I found at Fileplanet, and if I had to guess I'd say there's a problem with the settings I'm using to save the image after editing it. I've tried it with 16bit, 24bit, blended Alpha (as I read that some RSB converters destroy the Alpha Channel you need) but to no avail. Can somebody help me please?
  4. Thanks guys.. I'm still stumped though. Think I might have to start again from scratch cos something's just not right..
  5. I've been working on a mission for a little while now, using the map from mission 4 on GR, and I've got a bit of a problem at entry level. I've got a company of twelve Russian soldiers that I want to march from the west of the map, along the road to the bridge, turn south then go wait at the bridge for a while before joining their Russian buddies and kill the UN. I've got my paths drawn out, but every time I stay up till 5am switching between GR and Igor, repositioning the path and the troops, they still just stand still at the points on the map I placed them. They react to being fired upon, and will come to me if they see me, but they just won't follow the path laid out for them. Can anyone tell me where I might be going wrong?
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