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  1. I still try to play when I see a "Hardcore" Co-Op game that I can connect to
  2. What if the GRAW 2 community united to play Co-Op and Multiplayer (all removed, of course). So if you have a clan, you can stay in it, by no means is this a clan or unit. It is just a thought that people unite to play GRAW 2 and an easier way to unite. Please post if you are interested with Platform, Gamertag on Platform, Age (Optional, for mature players looking for mature players is the main idea of age), Timezone, Mic (Yes or No), Preferred Gamemode and that's it. I'll start: PS3 Archangel_F18 17 East Coast (EST) Mic: Yes Co-Op Elimination; Hard; No HUD BS or Drone BS PS If th
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