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  1. Anyone? What are people playing nowadays? Battlefield 3 any good? Looking for tense games, no spawns etc. Anything like that being played at the moment? Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm looking to get back into playing GR:AW2 specifically siege. Anyone much play anymore? Add me if you do, my gamertag is iTerrorist. I might be a little rusty though so bare with me, not played for a while!
  3. Like the title says. I miss this game! Ad
  4. Ok I just bought GR:FS, I know it's been out a while but my 360 had been gathering dust for some time now and i thought I'd pick it up again. Does any one play siege any more? I never seem to be able to find any games at all. If not any alternatives out there? Or does any one play GR:AW 1 or 2 anymore? I miss blind siege, one of the greatest multiplayer modes ever! Thanks Ad
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