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  1. Hi. I have just started playing GRAW2, I love it. Notwithstanding the crashes back to the desktop it seems to enjoy. I am playing the game on; Vista ultimate Asrock Dual-SATAII motherboard with AM2 daughterboard Athlon X2 4600+ Nvidia BFG 8800GTSoc/320 meg 2 gig DDR2 800 RAM Audigy 2ZS. No matter what I do, what detail levels I set, the game has a habit of pausing for seconds when I move, with the hard disk going nuts. The game will then run fine, then it will do it again after I have moved a little-way I close down the virus killer/folding@home GPU client/BOINC etc. But nothing helps. Is this normal with this game. No other game I play seems to suffer from this. I even tried defragging my HD, all to no avail. Surely 2GB RAM is enough for this game. I love the game, but this drives me nuts. Standing there, waiting to take out a soldier, with no response from the game, watching my hard disk do cartwheels! Any ideas would be welcomed. [Thread moved to the Tech Support forum]
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