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  1. Yeah, and we're damn proud of it too. Yeah, we know Carlin's routine here too.
  2. That stinks. I never had this problem before. Damn you bill gates, damn you.
  3. I just did a fresh install of xp pro, and now IE 6 is crashing on me like crazy. I'm talking every couple of minutes here. I have all the IE patches downloaded from microsoft - so I have no idea what the problem is. Any of you advanced users have any ideas?
  4. The question has been the US, not the average citizen. Don't try and change the rules late in the game. Lol...what is this supposed to mean? So if we are at war we are actually at peace as long as the war is not inside our borders? How absurd.
  5. I know, thanks for validating. That is not the definition of overall peace. We were at peace during WWI? WWII? Korea? Vietnam? You are quiet wrong. We were secure. We were not at peace. It is you that is mistaken kewl.
  6. Estonia uses Galil rifles. The Vektor R4 family is manufactured in South Africa for SA military use under a license from Galil.
  7. Peace is a result of security. You can have national security but not be at peace.
  8. Peace and security when used in the terms of a nation are not synonyms.
  9. I know, that was an ambush I laid for you frenchie. Now that I have sprung it, do tell why all the best hockey players have left the grand ole wench to play for the US.
  10. And then to balance it out even further, God switched it all up again in the late 20th centuary. Proof?:::: Stanley Cup Champs for the last decade: 2003 New Jersey Devils 2002 Detroit Red Wings 2001 Colorado Avalanche 2000 New Jersey Devils 1999 Dallas Stars 1998 Detroit Red Wings 1997 Detroit Red Wings 1996 Colorado Avalanche 1995 New Jersey Devils 1994 New York Rangers Oh well canada, hope you enjoyed it while you had it. you can come get celine dion & bryan adams back if it will make you feel better
  11. When you pull Saudia Arabia into the equation, you get even closer to the shining reason. SA was the next target after Kuwait.
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