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  1. I will simply state, this is the place to discuss the use of GRAW2 so players can get the most out of the game, We don't need a exceptionally high and sharp program, as long as it satisfies us. There has been a lot of hours playing older programs, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, etc.. in case you haven't noticed. If you don't like the program, then why are you here? If its just to mouth off and say bad things, I consider that free speech, it's being done for your own entertainment and pleasure, not for the benefit of Graw2 users and future users if they wish to play, as it's written NOW.....
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  2. You comments were squarely aimed at discrediting Tom's assertion, by doing so is to pretend that one knows less about something than one really does. You are wrong, GRAW2 was not ported. The term you're looking for is one word - Netcode and for the record, it's not a part of any framework but a blanket term invented by gamers - players not programmers I could continue to correct the rest of your rant though I'd rather just point out - all games have faults and floors including those with multimillion dollar budgets like BF4, on the other hand we have a game that was written by a small famil
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