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Los Saltillo is a custom GRAW 2 mission created and dedicated to the memory of GRAW 2 player [F]Gator, often seen on the FUBAR Tactical server.

In order to make this mod something special JohnTC02 has coded so brand new features for a GRAW 2 mission. There are 6 objectives to complete, with automatic adaptive difficulty depending on the number of players inserting.

There are also re-supply points sign posted around the map, and ten unmarked bonus objectives for the adventurious to try and track down. Your score will be revealed at the end!

This mission is already getting some great feedback..

Especially the first 20 minutes of this mission is really cool, but also later in the mission there is some really neat action.

Read all about Los Saltillo in our GRAW 2 forums, and download the mod here.