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  1. commando484x

    Ghost Recon - Reunion day

    Sweet, this is an awesome idea, cant wait for it (On a side note,maybe we can have something like this again in November when GR turns 15.)
  2. commando484x

    How to view other people's replays?

    Sweeeeet. Just the kind of news I was hoping for. Thanks!!!!
  3. Hello everybody! Does anybody if it's possible to view other people's replay? I understand that the replay itself is pretty much a text file containing code and not an actual video. I read an article on this website that said that if you don't have the same mods activated you had in your replay, then the replay won't function. So in theory, if you copy somebody's replay file from their pc to your pc and had the same mods activated that they had, then would you be able to play that replay file?
  4. commando484x

    Any mod that gives you the Siege gametype?

    sweeeet, thanks!
  5. ^^ #QTNA. Really I think that's the only thing you can do, other than planting a sensor, remembering where the enemy is exactly on the map,and flanking them
  6. Hey everybody. One of the features of the Desert Siege expansion was that it gives you new game-types to play in Multiplayer. One of the game-types you get is called Siege. I'm wondering if anybody knows a mod that gives you the game-type Siege, without having Desert Siege installed. The reason I'm looking for this is because I want to play with some fiends with the Siege game-mode however they do not have Desert Siege so we are unable to play.