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Online Swiss Casino fun is really taking off since legislative support was improved. Here are the top three reasons Swiss Online Casinos are Doing Great!

1. It’s lawful to have Swiss Casino fun!

In 2018 Swiss Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga announced new gambling guidelines as part of an overhaul of Swiss gambling laws following a democratic vote.


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The new laws were agreed after voters demonstrated a willingness to allow online gambling to proceed in line with approved restrictions. Gambling in Switzerland provides an important and valued funding source for civil society projects – a point not lost on the 73% of voters who voted to proceed. Around $1 billion of gambling revenue is directed to civil projects and the Swiss old age pension system every year.

There was however some debate around a proposal to restrict online gambling to Swiss casino’s –  effectively banning offshore internet casinos. This raised fears and complaints of internet censorship from some parties however the vote showed a clear majority in favour of restricting online casinos to Swiss land based casino operators. This is a situation mirrored throughout Europe, where blocking of unlicensed gambling outlets is not unknown, with as many as 17 European countries actively taking action against such providers.

Swiss casino legislation is also designed to protect clients from fraudulent activities, and ensure that casinos operate in a competent manner that protects customers. In doing so Swiss legislation provides a safe and enjoyable online gambling option for players. New players looking to choose an online casino in Switzerland can now do so with the peace of mind offered by this legislation.

2. Swiss Casino Bonuses

So in the knowledge that gamers are fully protected by legislation, which are some of the most popular casinos and  games enjoyed every day? It’s a fact that their are literally hundreds of games and many casinos to choose from but one thing many have in common is bonuses.

Bonuses are basically promotional offers that customers can benefit from in a variety of ways. A popular opening bonus is the no deposit bonus. This bonus allows new players to quickly start playing games without requiring to add funds to their account. By simply creating an account, they are credited with a small balance which they can use immediately to sample some of the games. This is a great no obligation way to try out a casino or a specific game with no risk.

For gamers who are opening an account and depositing a balance immediately, there is a further Welcome Bonus which will typically match a deposit up to a certain value, and also provide free spins.  It’s important therefore to check for welcome bonus deals before creating an account as new players can benefit hugely from this offer.

3. The Two Best and Most Popular Swiss Casino Games

Hopefully now you are well equipped to enjoy some online gaming, with the support of excellent legislation, and the knowledge to ensure a good sign-up bonus, it’s time to take a quick look at the best online casino games.

Let’s start with the old classic Roulette Casino – now re-invigorated with all the benefits that come with modern online gaming. The appeal of Roulette lies in its low barrier to entry – there is no steep learning curve here, you only need to pick a number or a colour and watch the ball jump around the wheel, on and off the numbers and colours until it finally settles, hopefully on your winning number! Keener gamers will learn the detail of this game however, judging their stakes and watching for opportunities to maximise their time at the virtual table.

The next game that comes highly recommended is Video Poker.

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Of course poker has spawned countless huge online gaming communities and it is difficult to overstake just how popular this game has become. Video poker is a natural fit for online casinos, the technology is perfect to provide a rich and enjoyable experience for all players. Playing poker requires a little more knowledge than the Roulette wheel – however this comes with a perk that not many gamers are aware of; the house edge is actually one of the lowest in Video Poker, What does this mean? It means that the odds are more in the players favour than any other online casino game! Out simply, you have more chance of winning in Video Poker than any other game. If you are attracted to this type of game, make sure and browse around the online casino first as their are often free Poker games that players can use to learn how to play and maximise their enjoyment.

There is much to enjoy in online swiss casinos. With excellent online casino legislation and peace of mind gaming thanks to the work of the regulatory body CFMJ players can enjoy online casinos in confidence. CFMJ is the commission responsible for the Regulation of online gaming in Switzerland. The commission manages a list of approved gambling houses operating in a safe and transparent manner.  The commission also maintains a list of approved online casinos that have come online since January 2019.

Make sure to take advantage of the offers described above and enjoy your gaming!