Lion Game Lion

Posted by Rocky on Friday, May 15 2015

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter developer Bo Andersson launched a game publishing business this month with an off shoot of Starbreeze. With Lion Game Lion, Starbreeze are taking the conventional developer/publisher relationship and kicking it to the kerb, with a new model that helps developers get off to a flying start with their game projects.More at Starbreeze.

Military see value in games such as Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 20 2015

According to the Washington Times, The US military is once again looking at games such as Ghost Recon to fill the void that conventional training can fail to provide for marines.

According to this decade old photo however, it looks like Ghost Recon has seen active duty before.... Reboot

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, March 19 2015

With Rainbow Six Siege on the distant horizon, and Ubisoft ramping up the news updates on their latest game in the Tom Clancy universe, we thought it was time to freshen up the look at our sister site,

We relaunched it yesterday, along with the first in a trilogy of exclusive Raven Shield interviews to co-incide with it's 10 year anniversary. 

So for the latest on Rainbow Six from the longest running fan site, bookmark now!

MexicoBob GRAW 2 Mod Pack

Posted by Rocky on Friday, March 6 2015

We're proud to present the MexicoBob GRAW 2 map pack, a collection of MexicoBob's mods for everyone to enjoy. Download the massive collection here and enjoy his entire collection of Advanced Warfighter mods!

Mexico Bob Passes Away

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 1 2015

I was very saddened to hear that long time Ghost Recon fan, player and modder Mexico Bob has passed away. There is a condolences discussion here.

MexicoBob was a huge part of the Ghost community, always on hand to help members with their GRAW2 modding problems and always a positive force in our discussion forums. Bob's GRAW 2 mods have been downloaded over 25,000 times.

He will be missed so much, our thoughts go out to his family at this time.


Thank you for your commitment to this community MexicoBob, Rest in Peace.

Tiger Woods Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, January 28 2015

Tiger Woods has been in the news recently due to specualtion over a missing tooth.

At a press conference Tiger was asked about the mask he was using to cover the dental damage, to which he responded that it was inspired by the game Ghost Recon.

Not quite the correct design Tiger, but the name check is appreciated!

Ghost Recon and Windows 10

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 24 2015

Windows 10 is just around the corner and Papa6 has taken an early look to see how Ghost Recon and GRAW run on Microsoft's latest operating system. Read Papa6's Windows 10 Ghost Recon report for the good news.

What Motivates Ghost Recon Modders?

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 10 2015

Ghost Recon is a special kind of game in that even after its 13th birthday, it still motivates gamers to create new content for it.

Ghost Recon fans are still gifted such treats on a regular basis and such was the case over the last few months when a relatively new modder to the scene released three fantastic new mods for Ghost Recon.

We interviewed Mr Moon to find out why he took a break from modding ArmA and why he gets a kick out of modding Ghost Recon.

Read the full Mr Moon interview, where you will find Youtube movies and download links for each of his mods. Drop by the forums to discuss and leave your own thoughts around the longevity of Ghost Recon modding.

2015 GRAW 2 Launcher

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 3 2015 have come to the rescue for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 gamers everywhere with an alternative to the now defunt Gamespy Masterserver previously used by Ubisoft.  Combined with Gamedigger's new GRAW 2 launcher that bypasses the now defuct Gamespy servers and automatically launches GRAW 2 and connects to the Gameshare server, fans now how a simple alternative to Gamespy.

The launcher allows gamers to browse GRAW2 multiplayer servers - something thought impossible after the demise of Gamespy.

Full details on the method can be found in our FAQ entry Playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 online, or you can jump straight to the GRAW2 Launcher download.

Many thanks to for this solution and to Struth for his work in bringing this launcher to the Ghost Recon community.


Army of Ghosts

Posted by Rocky on Friday, January 2 2015

=AOG= are a Ghost Recon clan still running a dedicated server for Ghost Recon. At the moment they are setting up some old school Ghost Recon matches, so stop by their forums and get involved in some classsic Ghost Recon action!

New Ghost Recon Mod - Thanatos Five Zero

Posted by Rocky on Friday, December 12 2014

Thanks to Mr Moon we have a brand new deluxe Ghost Recon mission for you this weekend. Thanatos Five Zero is a cracking new mission wrapped up in lots of new eye candy and sounds. Read the developement phase for this mod here and download here.

Flashbangs for Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, October 28 2014

Burner has created a cool new weapon for CQB in Ghost Recon - flashbangs. These are perfect for room clearing when there are non civilians involved. Watch the movie and download Ghost Recon Flashbangs and read the dev thread here.

GRAW2 Gamespy Servers Back Online!

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 16 2014

Well, not really, but this neat trick combined with the GameMaster service fools GRAW2 into thinking it is, meaning multiplayer GRAW2 is BACK!

The process involves changing your computers internet settings, but they've put up a neat video showing how easy it is.

We've opened a support thread here too, give it a go and let us know how you get on!

Kreigsmaschine Gotterdammerung

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 12 2014

Kreigsmaschine Gotterdammerung is a fantastic new mod for Ghost Recon bringing new missions and a whole lot more to Ghost Recon in 2014.

For more details check Mr Moon's dev thread here or jump in and download it right now!

Gaming with Voice Control

Posted by Rocky on Friday, August 29 2014

Our sister site Ghost Recon Phantoms .net just published a neat tutorial on how to use voice commands to play Ghost Recon Phantoms, but it works equally as well with almost any game!

It's really neat, check out Voice Control Gaming for the details.

Ghost Recon Announcement

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, August 12 2014

Ubisoft have kicked of their Gamescom promotions with new about Far Cry 4, however it is this banner that will be of interest to Ghost Recon fans.

We'll post more here when Ubisoft send out the Press Release!

GRAW 2 PS3 Servers Closed

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, August 9 2014

Ubisoft are shutting down the PS3 GRAW2 servers this month. Considering that it was over 2 years ago that the shut down rumours started, it's perhaps been a long time coming.

Exactly which parts of GRAW2 gameplay will cease to operate on PS3 this month is not clear, with Ubisoft stating that although co-op is unlikely, multiplayer matches may remain.

PC GRAW2 players suffered a similar fate last month when Gamespy shut their doors, however GRAW2 PC continues thanks to clients such as Hamachi and Gameranger. PC gamers can find guides on playing GRAW2 post Gamespy in our GRAW2 forums.

Long Live Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, August 9 2014

Quicksh0t has put up a short Ghost Recon video describing why he think's that Ghost Recon is one of those special games that still feels good to play all these years after its original release. Check it out in our forums here.

Mission Impossible Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, June 8 2014

Here's a brand new and very challenging mission for Ghost Recon from new modder Mark Rizo, download here. It's played on the Castle map, and is definately a challenge!

Watchdogs Division

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 13 2014

Although Ghost Recon Phantoms is hogging the headlines this week thanks to it's succesful release on steam, there are two other Ubi titles getting a lot of airtime at the moment. A recent video showcasing The Division is really getting gamers interested, check out this post from 101459. Additionally we spotted an awesome new Watchdogs movie showing new tech from Nvidia that looks extremely promising, watch it here.

Ghost Recon Phantoms Released on Steam!

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 10 2014

Unlike several other triple A titles Ubisoft have managed to pull off a rare achievement with the launch of Ghost Recon Phantoms - no show stopper issues! No logging in problems, no matchmaking issues, no servers falling over - a credit to the team behind this massive Free to Play release for Ubisoft. Check out the new official site and also our sister site where we'll be posting Ghost Recon Phantom beginner tips over the coming weeks.

Ghost Recon Phantoms in TWO DAYS!

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 8 2014

The first new Ghost Recon game in 2 years is due for release in two days! Ghost Recon Phantoms is the release version of the Beta Ghost Recon Online. We've been playing since the closed beta and it has transformed into a solid team based shooter with fantastic map design, great gameplay, and a tremendous amount of weapon customisation options. It's free to download and free to play, so grab it from the official site and make sure you drop by our sister site for all the latest news and beginner tips.

Rewards for Ghost Recon Online

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 25 2014

In what is surely one of Ubisoft's longest open beta's, Ghost Recon Online continues to be refined and improved with new features prior to its full launch.Ubisoft announced this week "Veteran Awards", a way to reward players who consistently rack up gaming hours in their free to play shooter prior to the full launch.There's never been a better time to get into Ghost Recon Online, so read all about it on the official site .

New Custom Campaign for Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, January 26 2014

Serpentine Dream Theory is a new custom campaign for Ghost Recon from new modder MrMoon. Grab it here now!

The Division engine showcase video

Posted by Pave_Low on Saturday, December 14 2013

Ubisoft have released an impressive video showcasing the Next-Gen Snowdrop Engine, used in the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division. Features highlighted in the video are more advanced lighting effects, improved textures & increased player physical interactivity with the environment.

Watch it here on YouTube.

New Division Trailer

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, December 5 2013

Ubisoft are planning on releasing a showcase video in a few days to raise excitement levels over the upcoming release of The Division, the first Tom Clancy title to reach Neg Gen consoles.There's even a teaser trailer for this upcoming teaser trailer, watch it on YouTube.

Free PGO Beta Codes

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, November 9 2013

We've three Panzer General Online codes to give away this week. PGO is Ubisoft's new war strategy game, currently in closed beta. The only way in is by invite, or to win one of the codes we will give away next Friday so you can be playing by next weekend, 16th of November 2013.

We've tried Panzer General Online and it is very slick, read our brief summary and how to win access in our Panzer General Online free draw page. Good luck!

Happy Birthday RSE

Posted by Rocky on Monday, November 4 2013

Red Storm Entertainment are celebrating their 17th birthday today. The studio that brought us Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Happy Birthday RSE, thanks for what remains even today the ultimate accessible tactical shooter!

New Missions for Ghost Recon

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, November 3 2013

What a fantastic treat for Ghost Recon fans we have today, a brand new collection of missions and features, over 200Mb worth!

RileyFletcher has compiled the Tactical Ops training pack for public use and zipped it all up in a new package. The mod features some really great missions and much more. I'd post more details but I'm too busy defending some captured pilots from an invading force...

Join in the fun by downloading Tactical Ops for Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon Online Tips

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, October 23 2013

Ubisoft are continuing to support Ghost Recon Online with regular updates and features. As the player base continues to grow we thought it would be a good time to look at some tips and strategies for Ghost Recon Online to help new players get up to speed fast.

We've already published a Ghost Recon Online beginners guide sent in by one fan, but there are some great sources for more detailed analysis of this free to play shooter. have map tips, weapons tips, and a beginners guide. Also check out Flank's YouTube Videos!

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