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Ubisoft is a French developing company that releases astonishing video games. They started creating video games in 1980. These days, Ubisoft has a lot of studios all around the globe. Their games always become extremely popular and always associate with niche-leading products. In this post, we’ll review the best video games to play.

Watch_Dogs 2

This video game is built on a new idea. All citizens are controlled and manipulated by the government with the help of smartphones and other devices. You will need to play as Marcus Holloway, a young and gifted hacker who fights Big Brother.


You will play with a team of hackers in San Francisco, the birthplace of the tech revolution. Playing this game, you will need to hack others’ devices, get access to secret servers, print weapons using 3D printers, and not get caught by the police. However, it’s forbidden to kill anyone while playing the game. You will need to play in stealth mode to achieve your goals and confront the regime.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It’s hard to find a gamer who doesn’t know about the Assassin’s Creed saga. The latest release, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, will bring you to the Viking era. You will play as Ivar, a leader who has to expand the community by capturing different kingdoms in Great Britain.


The game engages with the ability to choose what to do. For starters, you can choose the main character to be male or female. Playing the game, you’re free to explore the world, fight enemies, and hunt. You can also hire warriors and equip them according to your needs to raid cities and castles with.


To develop your combat skill, you have to find secret books with knowledge. The game will also impress you with beautiful landscapes, interesting stories, remarkable characters, and a variety of weapons. You will be able to use axes, swords, hammers, and even poisoned arrows. Also, you’ll have a chance to get the legendary Excalibur to scare your enemies with its look and kill them.

Far Cry 5

This game is a continuation of the Far Cry game series. It brings all the best from the prior games and takes you to Hope County, an imaginary city in Montana, United States.


The city is attached by a fanatical cult, the Eden’s Gate. These guys terrorize citizens, kidnap people, and force them to join their cult and accept their faith.


For sure, a lot of people aren’t happy to join the cult against their will. Therefore, they build resistance to kick Eden’s Gate out of the city. You will join them and help free the town with no mercy to the cult’s members.


The game attracts users by the ability to explore the world with no restrictions. You’re free to go wherever you want and can interact with almost anything. Should be noted, if you leave the urban area, you may be attacked by wild animals.


Also, you can use any weapons and vehicles. Playing Far Cry 5, you can use cars, planes, and even a harvester to kill enemies.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Do you like playing with your friends online? If so, download this trendy 5v5 online shooter from Ubisoft. It is a unique game that brings online team fights to a new level. Nowadays, there are more than 50 million registered players all around the globe.


There are two teams, attackers and defenders, in the game. Also, there are a lot of different modes. For instance, if you’re in the defender’s team, you should defend a hostage, bomb, area, etc. This game became so popular by bringing modern technologies into the gameplay.


In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, players have different firearms, grenades, and other common military equipment. However, players can also utilize modern-age tech things that are made for military purposes and build barricades.


This game is nominated for the “Best esports game” award every year. If you’re a fan of esports gambling, overwatch league betting sites to win some bucks supporting your favorite teams.


It is a VR game that will bring you in 2057. The time when humanity is forced to leave the Earth and survive into space. It is an engaging space simulator where you need to manage space shuttles to provide and protect yourself. You will need to keep your starship safe from asteroids, explore new planets, fix your shuttle, and continue an endless journey to a new planet to land. Unfortunately, the new planet isn’t discovered yet.

Tip for Gamers

Sometimes a video-game can be very addictive, so gamers spend a lot of hours sitting behind their desktops. Remember, it’s vital to take short breaks every 30 minutes. It will help you keep your eyes less strained. Also, do not hesitate to do some exercises to keep your body fit and avoid headaches.