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Join us as we thoroughly shake our very own Magic 8-Ball as supplied from to see what futuristic predictions we can get out of it. The question is a simple one; the future of iGaming, the conclusion on the other hand, well there were some unprecedented results; ‘Yes’ and ‘Most likely’ were the general responses. We’d normally be quite happy with that, but let’s just say we wanted to take a deeper look and dig deeper on what greatness to expect next.

Blast from the past

Looking back on how online casinos have progressed from their static physical land based conceptualization to the initial welcome amongst players into the online world and beyond, we have to admit they’ve come pretty far. In reality the truth is they’ve adapted and evolved so much from the slot gameplay machines and live play entertainment.

But it doesn’t stop there, slots have become ever increasingly interactive as a myriad of gameplay layers with multitudes of features have been implemented to constantly add entertainment value. We’ve seen this with the introduction of different slots such as Finn and the Swirly Spin and Holmes and the Stolen stones. Not to mention, live play evolved to add super-entertainment value with Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher in the mix.

Slots aren’t the only things to have changed in time, gamification opened endless possibilities and oh did that blow the door wide open. Rizk pulled it off extremely well with their ‘Wheel of Rizk’ and Casumo used a points system to cement its success in the industry. Proving to be the epitome of success, several other casinos have taken note and followed suit, each attempting to add a different element to capture players.

Simpler routes trumps all

It’s no doubt that layered gameplay and gamification add value to gameplay experience, but significant trends in speed, trust, ease of use and security began to shine allowing the birth of no-account casinos. Done so eloquently, they’ve broken down the entire process of logging in to a casino and translated it so that it took mere seconds, rather than minutes.

Step into the future

We’ve seen casinos transform so gracefully over the past few years, it seems that things have sped up in the last decade and we predict things will change again, fairly soon. So, what wild futuristic invention is next on the list? Our black spherical device courtesy of can’t give us all the answers, that would make it too easy. However, thanks to all the information out there, here are our guesses:

  • No-account casinos with varied bonus offerings. Simple, yet rewarding
  • Multi-layered immersive gamification that steps away from the wheel and bar point system
  • Market specific low-risk, high value gaming sites that allows for minimum cash gameplay
  • A rise in popularity of virtual reality gaming

They all sound great and we’ll have them all to go! It’s not easy putting a pin in what the future will bring, but we know that if this past decade is anything to go by then it’ll definitely be a promising one.