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Ask any casino employee, and they’ll tell you that slot machines are the most popular games in the house.

Slots may not draw in high rollers like those at the baccarat or poker tables, but there are far more people lining up to spin these “one-armed bandits” hoping for a jackpot. The recent global health scares mean that going to a casino for a round of slots is no longer feasible (or possible), but there are online slot games that can provide the same experience through your smartphone.

With so many online slot games for iOS and Android, we’ve compiled some of the best options:


One of the more popular slots games on mobile, 918kiss offers a variety of themes, such as Ranch Story, SeaWorld, Circus, Three Kingdoms, and FiveDragon.

All these themes provide the feeling that you’re playing in a real casino. The game also has multiplayer support that allows you to spin your luck with other players from around the world.

Pharaoh’s Way

The popular game has crisp graphics and gorgeous animation that make it feel like a premium slot experience.

The interface is also easy to understand, so there’s no learning curve. The slots include various game types with reels, lines, and symbols, which allow you up to 243 ways to win.

Cashmania Slots

Dubbed as one of the best FREE Vegas-style slots of the year, Cashmania offers a great selection of games with high payouts. You can collect free coins every hour and enjoy engaging quest events for additional prizes.

It also has tournaments available that pit you against other players.

777 Slots

With daily bonuses, a variety of themes, multiplayer tournaments, and plenty of mini-games, 777 Slots has the feel of Vegas in the palm of your hand.

After you’ve installed the game, you’ll be welcomed with bonus credits, which is always a winning combination.

Titan’s Wrath

True to its name, the game includes themes revolving around Egyptian and Greek gods. You can also choose to switch to a more casual theme, like underwater and Aladdin, with seamless art and animation.

Unlike other slot games, you’ll have much lower payouts compared to the cost per spin, resulting in players running out of plays quickly. To offset this disadvantage, the game offers bonuses that allow you to extend your session.

Pirates of the Dark Seas

Claiming itself as the highest paying slots game in the market today, Pirates offers a substantially larger payout compared to other mobile slots games we’ve played.

Unlike these other games, though, you can play offline successfully. Coupled with its high definition graphics, you have found yourself a brilliant gaming experience.

Black Diamond Casino Stories

Developed by Zynga of Farmville fame, Black Diamond Casino Stories combines your standard slots game with an interactive storyline.

Like other casino games, it features bonus payouts as well as online tournaments. If you manage to finish a story, you’ll earn more coins to play, for example.

So, if you want to have something a bit more immersive, this game is right up your alley.

Do your favourite slots games feature on our list? Tell us about it in the comments.