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What is your perception of a Bingo player? Like most people, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a group of older people playing to pass the time. Everyone’s impression about Bingo gravitates towards the same stereotypical scene which does not bode well for the game’s reputation. But, the digital age appears to be making a significant change in the popularity of Bingo with the proliferation of online gaming websites, so – is bingo still a game for old people?

The origins and boom of bingo

According to historical data, Bingo originated in Italy in the 16th Century and came to the shores of England sometime in the 18th century. The 1950s and 1960s were the golden age of Bingo in the UK when cities and towns across the country had their own Bingo hall. With the economy taking a downturn in the 1980s, bingo halls suffered a bit of a slump.

But this was short lived because the 1990s and the early 2000s led to a resurgence of bingo halls. By this time, companies that are running these bingo halls started using new technology which gave a fresh boost to the game and made the game more accessible and fun for the younger generation.

When online gaming started to become big, it was only a matter of time for bingo to follow and join the ranks of games transformed digitally for every player, regardless of age, to participate in and enjoy.

Moving bingo to an online platform

The online gaming scene has a huge potential for games such as bingo because it caters to a wide demographic. Many land-based casinos are already reaping the benefits of putting many of their well-loved games in an online platform. Moving bingo online means that players can enjoy a faster play. Although much of the social nature of bingo is no longer present, if you visit the most trusted and best bingo sites UK, you’ll notice that there is still an opportunity to interact with other players through features such as live chat.

Online bingo revolutionised the game in such a way that a player no longer has to leave the comfort of his home to enjoy a game. You can participate in multiple games at once and at quick successions. Another thing that sets online bingo apart from playing at a bingo hall is the access to various offers and bonuses that online bingo platforms can offer.

How bingo attracts a generation of younger players

Online bingo sites are taking marketing to a whole new level to make the game more attractive to the younger generation and remove the impression that older people only play bingo. In general, online gaming sites are frequented by players who do not shy away from technology, which in itself is a motivation to re-invent the image of bingo and make it a glamorous activity for young players.

Another driving force to market bingo differently is that the statistics identified around 80% of online bingo players to be female. Making bingo more glamorous appears to be working because, in the UK alone, approximately 29% of online bingo players fall under the 18-34 age range.

Another reason why bingo is starting to attract younger players is the availability of mobile apps you can download on your smartphone meaning you can play anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The mere fact that gaming companies are willing to invest in developing these applications shows a certain level of confidence that the younger generation will appreciate and patronise online bingo. Moreover, online bingo is also starting to appeal to a more significant number of male players. This shift in demographics further guarantees the longevity of online bingo.

What will happen to bingo halls?

Bingo halls are still famous among seniors who are looking for a way to pass the time and socialise with other individuals, but there is no doubt that bingo halls are suffering because online bingo is now more popular. There are fewer bingo halls in operation around the UK and this is a reality the bingo companies have to accept and deal with but the older generation is not likely going to stop playing bingo, which still puts an optimistic note to the sustainability of these bingo halls.

Focusing on a new generation of bingo players

In the UK alone, there are approximately 4 million online bingo players with this number continuing to increase as younger players begin to take part in this game which used to be considered only as a pastime for older people.

The revenues are rising, and online gaming websites are taking notice. Players can look forward to better deals, exciting promotions, features, and new ways to enjoy the game which will heighten the enjoyment level and excitement of playing online bingo.