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The notion of stopping to seed a torrent on Utorrent once your download is finished is an easy one, but the question: “should you?” is much more complex and worth exploring. But let’s get to the first question first.


How to stop seeding once your download is finished? Simply removed the torrent. Once you download is finished, the bar on the file that you are downloading will turn from a downloading blue to a downloaded green, green like the Utorrent. Once that happens, you have to choose to remove it or to keep seeding.


If you want to keep seeding, minimize Utorrent, and you will keep seeding. If you’re going to stop seeding, you can either remove the torrent from Utorrent. To do this, right-click above the torrent that has downloaded and find “remove”. But be careful. If you are unlucky or don’t pay attention, Utorrent might spring up an option to also remove the files from your Pc. Never agree to that, of course. That would mean that all the wait for the files that you downloaded via uTorrent has been for nothing. The files would be removed, and you would need to download the exact same torrent once again, etc.


You can also stop seeding just by exiting the program. This is great when you don’t need to download any other file. But when you do, you better remove the torrent from Utorrent completely. If you want to seed in specific times, open and close Utorrent while leaving the torrent as active all the time.


The second question is a bit more complex. When and why should you stop seeding? To be honest, there isn’t a definitive answer. The vast community is divided on this one. In most cases, people will tell you that the ratio is 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. The best people usually seed 3 to 1. This means that they let the uploaded amount reach three times the amount of storage that the downloaded torrent was. The majority of people usually seed the 1 to 1 ratio, especially the new generation, which download Utorrent portable.


Some look more towards the number of seeds in a torrent or how important the file itself is for them, If the file is really important to them, and they have internet that is good enough to support it, people will seed for as long as possible. Some look at low seed rates and try to bump them up by becoming an additional seed. If you downloaded a favorite tv show fo yours, would you ever delete it? A show that you watch over and over again for years, always find a better joke or plot point you haven’t discovered before. Or an album you love, that gets better with time, with each new listen, there is a part of the melody that springs to your mind. These things should be seeded as long as you enjoy them.


If you feel really friendly and open towards people and their needs, keep seeding for as long as you have space on your PC. Once you lack space on your pc for something crucial. Just remove some for the ones that you are seeding. Nothing lasts forever. But, be smart about which ones you remove and which one you keep seeding. It is always much better to seed something that has very few seeds. It could die out otherwise. So once you decide to remove a torrent that you have been seeding for quite some time, check the trackers. There you will see just how many seeds and trackers each torrent has. Pick the ones that will benefit the community. Just like the community has benefited you, countless times before.


So, back to the questions at hand. Yes, removing torrent is easy, and you can do it in many ways. But, always think before you act. Torrenting is not a thing for just one person. There is a whole global community. Be a responsible member of said community. Think about how your acts, and how every downloaded and unseeded torrent reflects on you and the community. Don’t be too selfish. From time to time, keep seeding a torrent. Let others have what you take for granted.