Ghost Recon Net

Every day we find something new to dilute the lonely and sometimes boring evenings. For some, it is a romantic walk, for some a new book, for some games at the best New Zealand online casino, and for some, there is nothing better than a computer and video games. 

Today we will tell you why you should give Ghost Recon: Breakpoint by Ubisoft a chance and be sure to play it.

Bewitching Plot

The story revolves around one island, on which the Skell-Tech Corporation decided to create a paradise on earth, engaging in innovative developments in various fields of science and technology. As a result, the situation gets out of control and the ubiquitous drones begin to go crazy, destroying boats, ships, and helicopters trying to get to the island or escape from it. The player becomes one of the surviving soldiers, sent to the thick of things. 

Fascinating Gameplay

At the very beginning of Breakpoint, you are offered to customize the appearance of your character, after which they talk a little about the principles of the game. So, the exploration of the world can be carried out in two modes – navigator and explorer. The difference is that in the first case, known locations will be marked on the map, and in the second, you need to look for clues and use them to manually calculate the location of the desired point. 

Game World You Will Never Forget

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we are greeted by a fictional archipelago, a little more compact, but filled with a huge amount of content. Here you will find different biomes, from rainforest and swamps to snow-capped mountains, and hundreds of active points behind which rest camps, ancient ruins, futuristic cities, and military bases can hide, and thousands of random events in the open world, where mercenaries and enemy drones are flying. You can move around the world on foot (slowly), by ground transportation (struggling with awkward controls) and by helicopter (ideal). You can explore all locations from the very beginning of the game, but in order to go to the villain, it is recommended to pump the level of equipment to 150. This means that you have to grind.

Incredible Character Leveling

Almost everything is connected with pumping in Breakpoint, the whole point of the game is to increase the level of the character, class, weapons, and so on. We have already talked about increasing the level of equipment but have not yet mentioned classes. The character has four classes, each with its own characteristics, you can switch between classes while resting in the camp, but there is one feature – each class has a level.