Ghost Recon Net

It’s no secret that Ghost Recon Wildlands is a challenging experience. But when all is said and done, that’s why we love it! If you want to be able to handle the higher difficulty setting, it’s important to incorporate the following into your gameplay:


  1. Put your binoculars to a good use


They are especially useful when you find yourself in a situation where you can’t rely on your drone. Since you can count on your team members to also carry these, you’ll be able to create a map of the area in no time.


  1. Balance is the name of the game


When it comes to character development, you should try to keep it balanced. In other words, take a look at all the skill trees and pick something relevant. The reason being is that this approach won’t cost you a lot, all while offering quite a significant boost to your character.


  1. Always take out the snipers first


Snipers can mess up your plans like it’s nobody’s business, so you should prioritize them as a target. It’s best to take them out from afar if the circumstances allow it.


  1. Don’t get married to your equipment


It’s best to be able to adapt to the situation at hand. There’s no need to find an ammo crate to switch to another weapon – the equipment window is your friend.


  1. Prioritize upgrading your drone


Your drone is a valuable tool in your arsenal. You can increase its speed, battery life, accuracy, unlock nightvision, and more. Don’t be put off by the price tag – these make for some of the most powerful upgrades in the game.


  1. Stealth should be the preferred method of choice


Using a silencer will net you a great advantage when relying on the stealth approach. Until the point of being detected, that is. Once it hits the fan, your silencer will no longer be of use (but you can remove it at any time).


  1. Use the Fast Travel spots for maximum efficiency


If you notice a house icon, you’ve spotted one. These are incredibly useful for moving from one location to the next in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. But keep in mind you won’t have the option of fast travel available if you’re engaged in a conflict with an enemy.


  1. Unlock the parachute when you get the opportunity


Make no mistake – the parachute is awesome. It’s what will save your skin when the opponents shoot down your helicopter. Plus, it’s great for landing safely whenever you need to.


Want to put your skills to the test against live opponents?


Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll find that some, if not most of them, are incredibly useful when playing other competitive eSports shooting titles like CS GO. Even if competing with others is not your cup of tea for whatever reason, you can still use your knowledge to place intelligent CS GO bets by recognizing who the top contenders are.




These 8 tips will make you a better player overall, so find a way to incorporate them into your gameplan. Once single player mode no longer excites you, think about switching over to the competitive scene.