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  1. Ho yeah nice screenies !! can ' t wait to play it !! any release date?

    No set release date yet, but be assured its coming along and we're getting close. Tinker just finished beta testing the first fifteen missions. The final series are about 50% done.

    I was shooting for a release date of 1 September, but we'll see. The last few weeks I have been working on a new mission that wasn't part of my original plan. (Blame it on Ingeloop...he just had to create those Kadyrovski militia guys and I had to make a mission to feature them in. :rocky: ) Its a worthwile mission though...a real killfest!

    As another possibility, I may release the mod in two parts...Part A will have all missions in sequence up to Mission 17 where a pivotal event in the campaign happens. This leaves you hanging in the story until Part B comes out. Part B, The Sequel, will basically be an extension misisons pack that takes the player to the end of the campaign story. Doing this would also lighten up the download a bit...this mod is HUGE (Over 1.1Gigs uncompressed).

    If I did it like that, Part A could be ready to release by the end of this month or early-August latest. All of the real hardcore mission scripting for the first series is done. At this point its just some tweaking and polishing to get Part A ready to go out.

    Any opinions from the community on this?

    Would you rather play missions 1-17 as the first part of a two part mod and be neck deep in the War in Chechnya by early August, or would you rather wait until the entire mod is finished to the end (full release probably end of September or early October)?

  2. regradless of what the issue is - why not just teleport off the map and problem solved?

    That may be a partial solution to some of the problems (the air vehicles in flight) but doesn't answer the issue of the flipping crashed hind on the ground. It also requires maps where I can effectively teleport the vehicle out of sight. Some of the maps I am working with are restrictive of where I can put zones or reference objects.

  3. Everyone, thanks for your input.

    Tinker, if you're serious about beta testing, let me know. I have the first 14 missions in Chernaya Noch complete minus some small teaking and a few character/actor changes. (I also have a new mission that I am working on now that will squeeze in between the current 12 and 13...thanks to Ingeloop. He just had to create those Kadyrovski Militia characters and now I had to script a mission to use them in. :rocky: ) As of now, up to Mission 14 is actually 16 'action' missions and a number of 'briefing' missions.

    At this point, I don't mind bringing in a new beta tester. Since the campaign story unfolds as an important part of the mod, I didn't want to bring any new beta testers until all of the early missions were finished and the new beta tester could experience the campaign as its meant to unfold.

    If you're serious, I'll package up a download for you early next week. Its now about 300 MB compressed and just over 1G uncompressed. I'm really curious to see if you experience the same problems as Ingeloop did.

  4. Ingeloop, who has been beta testing missions for me, encountered a couple of strange things in some of my missions. However, I cannot reproduce the problems on my machines. Since he is on Mac and I am on PC, I am wondering if the problem is a cross platform issue.

    There are a couple of missions where I use the ‘destroyvehicle’ script command to cause an explosion of an air vehicle while it is in flight. When the air vehicle is out of sight, I use the ‘hidething’ script command to hide it. In Ingeloop’s games, the air vehicle is still visible. On all of my PC systems, the vehicle disappears without problem as intended. Sometimes the special effects generated by the ‘destroyvehicle’ command remain (smoke or fire), but the vehicle itself is gone.

    In another instance, I have a stationary Hind (Blakaron’s Crashed Hind) on the ground and use the ‘destroyvehicle’ command to cause an explosion and set it aflame. On my PC machines, this works fine and the vehicle remains in place with fire and smoke effects. In Ingeloops game, the vehicle starts flipping head over tail continuously in place once destroyed.

    Has anyone encountered this sort of thing before? Does anyone know what is going on?

    Its very frustrating, as some of the cool effects I am trying to achieve in some of these missions is dependant on the predictable behavior of the ‘destroyvehicle’ and ‘hidething’ script commands.

  5. Well, you need to give it more orders, just like the actors.

    In the vid, the first attack Hind`s have these plans:

    1: Alertness = Combat

    2: Combat ROE = Suppress

    3: Movement ROE = All Costs

    4: Speed = 7

    5: Path = X

    So i have ordered them to fly to a new path, but with orders to kill anything they see on there way, but not to stop along the way. So they hit some as they fly over and continue.

    The AT has these plans:

    1: Alertness = Combat

    2: Combat ROE = Assault

    3: Movement ROE = All Costs

    4: Speed = 4

    5: Path = X

    6 Movement ROE = Hold

    7: Destroy Vehicle = Vehicle X

    A new script block now for the trigger:

    Vehicle destroyed = Cancel plans and give it new plans.

    Just keep posting if you can`t get it right, happy to help.



    p.s. Place an effect on the map, move it and see the height it is at, should not matter as long as it is within spotting distance of the enemy.

    Also, if they are going to fast, they over run there next path or plan and start whirling around in the air. Need to calculate how long it takes to stop after it hits its path, then maybe bring it back a little until fine.

    Thanks. I experimented a bit more today and got decent results with the attack helo. The at_attack with destroytarget commands is still giving me a hard time. I'll play with it more and see if I can get decent results.

    BTW...the machinegunner on those attack hinds needs to go back to basic training. They can't hit the broad side of a barn.

  6. Tinker, My plans generally look like this:


    Teleportairvehicle (Effect A ->Facing Effect B - > Speed)

    Speed (Usually 10 - 15)



    Teleportairvehicle (Effect A ->Facing Effect B - > Speed)

    Speed (Usually 10-15)



    Is my speed too fast? What altitude and speed are you usually flying and what is "suppressive"?

  7. 1 x test mission


    right click save as



    Thanks. I will give your mission a try.

    I did go back yesterdsay after your last post to play some more with this and I did finally get them to shoot. However, I could not get them to shoot on the move or at the end of a flight plan (even if I abort vehicle plan at the end of the flight plan). If I created a vehicle plan with destroytarget at the end (speed--->path--->destroytarget), it would ignore the destroytarget part. Its almost as if the AI doesn't kick in. They would only reliably shoot if I used the teleportairvehicle command to make them hover without any type of flight plan.

  8. Yeah, I am using the BlackOps MI-24s (Attack, Troop, etc) in a number of missions and I have yet to get them to shoot anything...no rockets, no mgs, nothing. I've tried scripting them to shoot at invisible tank targets (destroytarget: XXX) and I can position them right in front of bad guys and they don't shoot a thing. They look beautiful in game and fly well, but I have had no success in getting them to shoot.

    I even did an experiment placing a group of bad guys right in front of a full line up of low hovering BlackOps MI-24s and they all just stared at eachother! :wall

    Harn's Hinds shoot just fine, but they don't really "fly", sound like tanks, and tend to get hung up on trees easily. So in my scripting I have been using both where needed and even using hide and show tricks to get the effect I need at times. It works alright, but I wish I had an invisible helicopter to at least mask the tank sound of Harn's Hinds.

    If you know of a secret to get the BlackOps Hinds to work better, please let me know!

  9. Tinker,

    The Shmel UAV works great! Flies very nicely and looks great in the sky. I just finished scripting it into a couple of missions...its was exactly what I needed!

    Can you create an invisible helo? Ultra-low polys, invisible, but tagged like a helo? In most missions, I am using Blakarion's Hinds. Unfortunately, I can't get Blakarion's Hinds to shoot their weapons. For missions that require Hinds that shoot, I am using Harntrox's Hind helos. The only problem is that the HX Hinds are actually tanks and don't have a helo sound. The invisible helo would be a sound generator only...to mask the sound of the tank engine and make the HX Hinds feel more realistic.

    Thanks for all your help! :thumbsup:

  10. Tinker,

    I don't know too much about how coop works with air vehicles. All of my scripting is for single player.

    The dimensions on the Shmel-1 are:

    Wingspan....3.32 m / 10' 7"

    Length.........2.77m / 9' 1"

    For the way I am using it in-game, I will be keeping the flight plans very simple...one altittude, Point-Point, hide when it arrives off map. To mask the sound of a helicopter, I'll create a custom sound file of a small piston engine to play as it flys by. (I did the same thing with the SU-25...instead of hearing a helicopter when the jet flies by, I have several custom sound files of a SU-25 that I play depending on where the player is relation to the jet and if the jet is on a bombing run. It works great!)

    I'll be using the Shmel in at least two missions. The most important one that I needed a UAV for, the Shmel is my premise for getting the player an extraction if their radio goes down (no more demo charges). In all of my missions, I try to create alternative endings if the player screws up an objective rather than arbitrarily end the mission...so if the player looses his radio operators (no more demo charges) and cannot call for extraction, he will have to hold off swarms of bad guys until a Shmel flys by on recon and views his delemma below...only then does HQ become aware of the player team's delemma and a rescue helicopter is dispatched to pick them up.


    I`ll get it working in game first, then texture it last.

    Now from what i gather, it is just a surveillance plane. How big do you think it is, in percentage to a Blackhawk? Looks like they are launched off the back of a tracked vehicle, or stand. I think it will be great for SP, but multiplayer there is the usual issue of pathing it correct, as it will really be moving along the ground, even though it won`t be.


  11. You guys are amazing. The Shmel-1 UAV looks fantastic! I can't believe how fast you guys work!

    One thing though...the Shmel in the photo is a test prototype. A field variant wouldn't be orange, most likely OD green/blue underneath or camo/blue underneath.

    You guys are incredible!

  12. Tinker,

    Have you experimented with modeling and tagging aircraft yet? I am looking for someone to create Russian UAV (like a Shmel-1 or Pchela). Cobaka and Blakarion did a phenomenal job with the other aircraft in this mod (MI-24, MI-17, SU-25, Crashed MI-24, etc.), but I heard they aren't modding anymore.

  13. Looking sweet guys!

    Funny you mention a boot. In the mission I need the limo for, the team is ambushing a motorcade to capture a particular person. AFter the bodyguards are killed, the target person is then loaded up in another vehicle and hauled off. A utility van with a sliding door that the target could be loaded into would be perfect. If you make a van with a side door, please make a version that can be loadable like this. It would be just perfect!!!

    Thanks guys. Your work will soon be put to very good use.

  14. Hammer,

    That's looking great! Too bad people are going to be staining the side of that beautiful car with Chechen Mafiosi blood. :devil:

    :yawn: well i could not go to bed untill i checked to see what it looked like with a texture on it :yawn:




  15. Hammer,

    You are the dude! Thanks. Yes, its exactly the sort of thing I need. In one of my missions I need a luxury sedan (or a limo) to seat four Chechen mafiosi, including the target for an ambush. All I need is for it to behave similarly to a jeep, shoot the driver through a window and it stops and unloads the passengers.


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