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  1. I think apart from the little bugs that annoyed us all and the poor server controls, (i mean did anyone of the think to put in a Gr disc and see how easy it was to start a game??) we all had waited so long for Graw 1 and had even built comps to run it. When they announced Graw 2 we all thought great they will have updated Graw 1 and all will be fine, but it wasnt they hadnt fixed anything and had just updated the graphics. Obviously it was nice but all the goodness from Graw 1 was now gone and we was left with the incomplete Graw 2.

    I personally like them both and would still play Graw2 but i like to match in games and there just wasnt the player base as everyone had gone.

  2. [Release] - [TuG] DP03 Creekbed


    The first release from JJUK in what should become a series of maps inspired by some classics from the [Ghost Recon].

    Map Name: [TuG] DP03 Creekbed

    Author: TuG.JJUK

    Description: Based on the original DP03 Creekbed map from the Desert Siege expansion pack for Ghost Recon.

    Download available from your game browser or from www.tugteam.com


  3. [Release] - [TuG] C06 Polling Center


    The 2nd release from JJUK in a series of maps inspired by some classics from the [Ghost Recon].

    Map Name: [TuG] C06 Polling Center

    Author: TuG.JJUK

    Description: Based on the original C06 Polling Center map from the Island Thunder expansion pack for Ghost Recon.

    Download available from your game browser or from www.tugteam.com


  4. PC] TuG Team is running a dedicated server in London, UK on our monster dedicated box.

    Server Name: TuG Team TDM Funhouse

    Server IP:

    Gamemode: TDM - Unranked.

    Players: 16

    Punkbusters: ON

    Map Rotation: All stock TDM Ubi Maps + TuG Customs.

    Connection: 100mb

    Note1: Players may be kicked to make way for TuG Members. Sorry in advance.

    Note2: We will kick abusive players if admins are on and we will kick anyone found recruiting on our server.

    We will be uploading some custom maps to it over the coming weeks as we get working with the editor.

    We will be attempting remakes of alot of the Ghost Recom maps (as we are an old GR clan from 2002).

    You can visit us at - www.tugteam.com - and join our community forums and say hello.

    We'll be posting details of upcoming maps there and will be offering somewhere to report bugs and/or offer feedback.


    Beaver has made a remake of the map CP04 Island Village so far, with more to come. :)


  5. Not played the SP but MP is great there are a few issues that need addressing to make for smoother gamplay and a few updates that could make it a great game, if you look at the forums at UBI its all doom and glume but most are having the same problems so hopefully a patch is in the works :) it reminds me of Gr slightly slower gameplay no need to run around although you can do that if you wish you dont last long though.

    Apart from the server and connection issues it needs

    Rate of fire selectable

    Scopes for more weapons to balance them up

    Names should be turned off on enemies

    Prone and or peak

    Unranked servers to be weapons free its a pain upgrading the weapons all the time.

    Otherwise not to bad.

  6. We at tug dont have a problem with this, personally if anything happened i would call them up and like most companys within the computer industry they will send me another i have no doubt. I dont see an issue really but i havent had any problems before whereas some may have, the game will be cracked anyway but that doesnt interest me as im buying. I cant see what all the fuss is about they have to try and protect there product somehow, we then either buy it or not. This game i think will fill the xmas gap then hopefully some other company will improve enough to release a great game, untill then see you all online :)

    My comp is used for gaming alone and most people i know are the same a hardrive cost nothing these days a reformat is a few hrs if you dont like the game this is what i would do to rid myself of whatever is on my comp. Obviously if you guys use your comp for a lot more you have a lot more to consider.

    Lol i see the Xbox version is already available for pirated DL :) and im sure the Pc will follow soon :)

  7. Nice map got to the second mule up high going left out first spawn when i changed kits its crashed

    ash in application version: 30899.3048

    data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: player_data in type <Unit>

    Renderer: threaded

    Physics : threaded

  8. Just to let you all know there is [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] key with this game ??

    i find the f1 style cars the most enjoyable as they seem to stick to the road much better and although i would love a lambo those cars seem to slide all over the place, fun though and if a few like minded peeps get it it can be evenly matched. A gr.net mini league

  9. Played it yesterday very nice indeed as im not a racing game player i was impressed and its hard but not so hard that you loose interest just right i would say, now anyone want to race

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