Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft pulled off a remarkable feat with Ghost Recon Wildlands; a beautiful massive open world environment that is hugely detailed, and doesn’t stop for a single loading screen. Being so huge, and with so many collectibles, the impatient gamer may find that they need a little help to locate that specific weapon, or missing Kingslayer file – enter Wildlands Interactive Maps!

Creating an interactive Wildlands map is no mean feat, it will require to be huge (over 6000 pixels square), and it will require to reveal many hundreds of collectables. We found three of the best Ghost Recon Map guides (including a remarkable 60 million pixel , interactive map), check them out below.


Captain Camper at Gamers Heroes has created collectable mini maps for every region in Wildlands. Once you select the region, a series of mini maps open up revealing the location of skill points, supplies, rebel ops, medals, weapons and accessories.




This is the Daddy of them all.

Those crazy dudes at have created an amazing 60 million pixel interactive Wildlands map of Bolivia. Not only does it reveal the location of absolutely everything, but it is totally interactive.

What does that mean? It means there are over 900 items on this map, meticulously plotted and individually tagged so you can toggle any individual item and find that elusive attachment, file, intel, mission, boss, skill points, medals, weapon and more!

It really is a remarkable piece of work, check it out!

You can even toggle everything off, and have a nice clean Wildlands map for your own use.  XOottatX has already done this, you can grab that image right here!


Here’s another interactive Wildlands map, this time from Swiss Game Guides.

Each collectible can be toggled on or off using the tick boxes on the right, and each icon on the map has mouseover pop-ups explaining the detail of the collectable or mission – very cool. The also have a huge hi-res clean map you can download from here.


Finally, it doesn’t seem right to have a Wildlands map guide without at least one Youtube movie, so here’s Wiki Game Guides explaining the enormous size of the Wildlands play area with a Bolivia fly past.