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The Ghost Recon Wildlands Day of the Skull challenge is different from the previous challenges because the clues are simply screenshots of the locations, and there are 21 of them making it a LONG challenge – not least because the clue images are very vague, but the size of the map means you will cover a lot of ground, and encounter many pesky enemies to slow you down. Some locations will be quick grabs without any resistance, at other locations you will have a fight on your hands before you can retrieve the skull.

That’s where this Skull Challenge Guide comes in handy, as we have identified every location on one map, and also worked out the quickest route round them all!

It’s a fun challenge, made a little simpler because with this guide you don’t have to go rooting around hundreds of buildings and finding nothing – but this will still be a challenge even with all this information, so good luck in retrieving all 21 skulls!

Wildlands 21 Skull Challenge

How to use the Skull Guide

Ubisoft released visual clues to all 21 locations during November 2017 in 3 batches. If you are finding it difficult to locate a particular skull, you can use the information below to quickly identify the mystery location that is holding you back. If you have not found any skulls yet and wish to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, you can use the map below to plan your route. If you have a second monitor we recommend putting this map up on your second screen and using it as a quick reference guide.

Each of the 21 skull locations listed below is listed in order to avoid flying back and forth over the massive Wildlands landscape.

To initiative this challenge you must first visit La Cruz cemetery ( Lat: -19.0680 Long: -59.8373) and witness the missing skulls.

From there visit each territory in the sequence shown below and you will complete the challenge in the most efficient manner. The map will get you to the approximate location, just follow the white circles which are at each skull location, and use the exact co-ordinates and verbal descriptions listed below if you need further help. Each of the images shown have been taken to include landmarks yo help with orientation and identification.

Some locations are heavily guarded, some are easy pickups, you’ll also find this information in the skull hints below if you wish to tackle the easy ones first!


All Wildlands Skull Locations

wildlands skull map all 21 locations

Expand Images to help identify exact skull location.

Skull Location 1 Libertad


Chemical Institute
Lat: -20.6754, Long: -59.2631
On the 3rd floor of the institute in the corner of a break area behind two cola machines you will find the skull in a bookshelf (easy to miss!)
Heavily Guarded


Unidad FOB Serpiente
Lat: -20.7383 Long: -60.7034
From the front entrance of the penitentiary head left between the stairs then turn right and find the skull  in the last cell.

skull 02 location flor de oro
skull 03 location malca


Holy Base
Lat: -20.1775, Long: -62.9428
Take rear church entrance and head right of the pews and down steps to 2 statues on the left. You will find the skull on the bottom shelf.


Lat: -18.8120, Long: -62.0346
Fly up to the top right broken tower and jump out to retrieve this skull.

skull 04 location
skull 05 location pucara


El Sono Mausoleum
Lat: -18.7900 Long: -63.5555
Approach with care due to SAMs. Head to the front of the little tower and check the roof.


Inca Camina
Lat: -18.8244 Long: -65.8488
Head to the building above the train tracks near the comms shop. Find the skull on the metal shelf on top of the building.

06 inca camina skull location

07 montuyoc skull location


East of Choza Padre Mine
Lat: -17.5301, Long: -66.9233
The skull is well hidden in a barrel laying on the ground near this pump.


Barvechos Mine
Lat: -16.5511, Long: -64.6721
The skull is in between pipes at the grey cylinder to be found from the top of 2 Big tanks next to the next to 2 rusted white/brown pipes shown in this image.

08 barvechos skull location
Skull Location 9


ITACUA – Yopil Red house
Lat: -16.5622, Long: -63.6128
The skull is hidden under the bed in the house with the damaged roof shown opposite.


AGUA VERDE – Paraiso 
Lat: -15.6281 , Long: -63.3033
Find the skull at the tiki hut shown here on the LEFT of the chopper.

10 agua verde skull location
san mateo skull location


San Mateo – Rebel Prison
Lat: -15.1176, Long: 64.3604
This skull is sitting at the very top of the radio tower on a small platform – too small to land the helo?


Remanzo – Liquid Cocaine Lab
Lat: -15.3838, Long: -65.3302
Head up the chapel stairs to the second floor room. The skull can be found on the table.

Skull Location 11
Skull Location 13 Mojocoyo base


Lat: -15.1100, Long: -65.8631
Between the two slate roofs in this image you can just see a dark glass floor, the skull is sitting here.


KOANI West of Condori Salt Mine
Lat: -13.5086, Long: -67.1671
This skull is very well hidden amongst the cactii ahead in this image.

Skull Location 14

15 media luna skull location


Media Luna – Unidad La Loma Post
Lat: -13.5754 Long: -64.6094
Top of the watch tower shown, on the table sits your skull.


TABACAL – Train tunnel
Lat: -14.0360, Long: -62.5711
Get to the train tracks shown by my position in this image and run into the tunnel. The skull is about 80 metres in, sitting in the middle of the tracks.

16 tabacal skull location
17 monte puncu skull location


MONTE PUNCU – Rebel Hilltop Campsite
Lat: -13.4532 Long: -60.7386
This skull is outside the rebel tent on this hilltop.


ESPIRITU SANTO – Shrine of Purity
Lat: -14.8081 Long: -60.4923
The skull has been left on the ground at the shrine at my location in this image.

Villa Verde Skull Location


VILLA VERDE – Lookout point
Lat: -15.7979, Long: -60.8675
Follow the road to its cliff end and locate the skull at the cross.


OCORO – South of El Altipano Verde
Lat: -17.5802, Long: -60.9298
This skull is waiting for you at the cattle feeder shown in this image.
Rebel area.

ocoro skull location
caimanes skull location


CAIMANES – Las Anguilla Wreck
Lat: -17.6841, Long: -59.7090
The skull can found found through the left hand window in this image. Circle a few times in a helo and your team will take out the hostiles, allowing you to land on the roof and enter this window. Take care not to fall, the skull is right there.

Now you have all 21 skulls return to the cemetery to return them to their rightful place of worship and see the locals enjoy your handiwork!

Looking for more visual help? The videos below are very detailed with a useful time jump to each skull in the YouTube video description.


Thanks to 

Atl2Dec for collating the co-ordinates in one cracking list
The amazing Ghost Recon community (including megaloodon26, Atl2Dec, kai_emet) who just shocked the dev team with their skull finding skills!