Ghost Recon Net

If you have enjoyed any of the custom made Ghost Recon mods we have available for download, you’ll already know how fantastic they are; adding new features, new challenges and extending the life of Ghost Recon.

What you may not appreciate is the code of honour that exists in the mod community, that protects a modders hard work from being taken and turned into something else, with no credit back to the original modder and their efforts.

Most modders though, are more than happy to have their custom Ghost Recon mods included in other mods, extending the life of Ghost Recon, and increasing the audience that can appreciate their work.

Today we reach out to those modders to confirm their permission to their content being used in the production of new Ghost Recon mods, keeping Ghost Recon alive well into its second decade!

If you are a modder, post your permission here, if you are a gamer, it’s also a good post to check for worthwhile mods to download!