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Today marks 15 years since Ghost Recon was released!

Since 2001 Ghost Recon has been enjoyed by countless gamers, and has dedicated a decade and a half to supporting the original title and its expansions and sequels. To celebrate this landmark occasion we are starting a full month of celebrations that includes interviews, competitions, prizes, a new 64Gb mod collection, and a massive mod release.

To celebrate this anniversary Apex has released a brand new massively updated version of Heroes Unleashed.

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is a hardcore tactical realism mod / expansion pack for the universally acclaimed and multiple GOTY award winning squad-based military first-person shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (2001), originally developed by Red Storm Entertainment.
Heroes Unleashed offers a ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience by maximizing realism in every aspect of the game.  Weapons perfectly match their real-life counterparts in accuracy, effectiveness, and handling.  Your AI opponents display terrifying levels of tactical acumen in trying to outwit you through flanking, laying down suppressive fire, hiding, taking cover, etc.  Missions take place in realistic open-world environments and are completely nonlinear, with a minimum of scripted events and lots of random elements for infinite replayability.
The mod pushes Ghost Recon’s tactical realism gameplay to the absolute extreme and sets it lightyears apart from anything you are accustomed to in todays ubiquitous action shooters.  One bullet can kill, there are no med packs, no health regeneration, no sci-fi equipment, enemies are not shown on HUD, there is no handholding, no guide towards your objectives.  There is just you and your squad of elite soldiers, pretty much on your own out there deep behind enemy lines, with cautious tactical execution being your best bet to survive.
Whether you play alone, with friends via Internet or local network, either cooperatively against AI or in adversarial PvP / TvT challenge, Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed delivers rivetingly realistic squad-based military tactical FPS combat hard to find anywhere else.
• Intensified focus on hardcore tactical realism gameplay
• Enhanced and extended Ghost Recon trilogy SP / MP CO-OP campaigns
• Nonlinear randomized SP / MP CO-OP mission and game type execution
• Cinematic mission intro & outro cutscenes for single player
• Automated save game function for single player missions and games
• Huge choice of maps (over 200 total), available in all SP / MP games
• Overhauled realistic map environments (viewing and drawing distance)
• Dynamic mission weather change (precipitation, intensity, direction)
• Novel random mission generator for SP / MP CO-OP on all maps
• Many new and improved game types (100+ total for SP / MP combined)
• Comprehensive SP / MP CO-OP tactical score / rating system
• Intricate AI stealth / enemy detection and alertness routines
• Improved overall opponent and friendly AI capabilities and behavior
• Loads of authentic weapons and equipment items (more than 400 total)
• Revamped equipment kit selection menus (quick equipment browsing)
• More realistic weapon characteristics, handling, and ballistics
• Closer to real-world bullet penetration and wounding system
• Innovative new weapon sight zoom effect (visible weapon scope)
• Reworked SP kits and MP unit and equipment restrictions setup
• Extra characters (more than 1,000 total) with many new attachments
• Expanded SP team character appearance (varying character skins)
• Additional marksman character for SP Ghost team and all MP teams
• Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) updated to Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU)
• Added MP units (Navy SEALs, SAS, Delta Force, KSK, Spetsnaz, etc.)
• Supplementary military and civilian vehicles (more than 100 total)
• Boosted audio dynamics and scores of authentic new sounds
• Countless new high-resolution textures and more detailed 3D models
• Updated user interface (menus, HUD, command map, PDA, sounds etc.)
• Optimized for current 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio HD displays
• Tons of technical and gameplay fixes, adjustments, fine tuning, etc.
• Customizable to personal preference via 50+ included add-on mods
• Immeasurable treasure in game- and mod-related bonus content 😉
• Streamlined file / folder naming and structure for easier modding
• Elaborate measures for compatibility and discrete modular content
• Included development tools and essential modding information
• Cross-platform compatible (same download for Mac and PC)

The release thread can be found here, and it can be downloaded here.


Join in the anniversary discussion in our forums and watch for our month long celebrations with some great prizes to be announced over the coming weeks!