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Added: 04/01/18 17:14:44
Description: ** Updated to v2.0 on 22nd October 2018 **

Add on for Heroes Unleashed Unofficial Expansion pack for Ghost Recon.

Get Heroes Unleashed HERE

Heroes Unleashed Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger
Version: 1.3.0
Author - Jack Wachter (

See "Credits.txt" for credits related to mod content

Install the "Cloak-and-Dagger v1_3" folder into the "Mods" folder.

__Activation Order
Desert Siege
Island Thunder
Heroes Unleashed
Cloak-and-Dagger v1.3.0

Cloak-and-Dagger is an expansion to Heroes Unleashed (HU) v1.0.0 Beta 9. This mod is designed to enhance gameplay even further than it already has been. The main features include a
greatly increased weapon selection (for SP), new skins, and a few balancing features that significantly change gameplay (primarily noticeable in CQB). Missions from other mods
have been incorporated here to give you more options for SP and MP. Keep in mind that this is going for realism. If arcadey gameplay is your thing, this mod may not be for you.

__Support (for bugs, what you think, what you want added/changed, etc.)
Email: Profile:


1. Explanation of Certain Features
2. How to Use Certain Mod Features
3. Mod Contents and Adjustments
4. Change Log
5. Mod Permissions

1. Explanation of Certain Features

__MP Kits
I've left the kit restrictions from Heroes Unleashed (ammo and all) as-is. There are 2 new categories of kit restrictions available in Cloak-and-Dagger. There are special
prefixes denoting the categories. The prefix "CaD" stands for Cloak-and-Dagger, and the kit restrictions with this prefix consist of HU-syled kits with ammo value increases.
While I left in pistols, rockets, and grenade launchers as primaries, these kits did not get ammo adjustments. I left them in there to keep the framework for doing those for
a later release. The other category is "KISS" for Keep It Simple Stupid. These kits have weapons with iron sights (except some rockets and sniper rifles), no suppressors,
bolt-action snipers only, and other minor adjustments. These kit restrictions should be good for Team VS and Coop, forcing you focus on using tactics. Engagement ranges will
typically be shorter, firefights more tense, etc. Try it out, it's fun.

__MP COOP Kit Class System
The COOP kit restrictions are designed for COOP (obviously) with different skins meant for different campaigns. Weapon selection is practically identical except for some weapon
skin changes for the Frostbite kit restriction. There are a total of 16 classes, each with their own speciality. There is some overlap between classes. Keep in mind that what is
written below is the general rules I used and that exceptions could and probably do exist.

Rifleman: basic class, uses mid-sized to full-sized rifles
Rifleman CQB: compact to mid-sized rifles
Demolitions: same as Rifleman, but has rockets, grenade launchers, and demolition charges available as secondaries
Demolitions CQB: same as Rifleman CQB with same secondary selection as Demolitions
M4 Rifleman: uses the M4 SOPMOD of all varieties and camouflage paint
M4 Demolitions: same as M4 Rifleman with the standard Demolitions secondary selection
Pointman: SMGs, shotguns, and compact rifles
Pointman Demo: same as Pointman with the standard Demolitions secondary selection
Breacher: equipped with Rifleman weapons with breaching charges as secondary
Breacher CQB: equipped with more compact weapons and breaching charges as secondary
Light Support: uses LMGs as primary weapons
Heavy Support: uses GPMGs and higher-caliber LMGs as primary
HE and AT Support: high explosive and anti-tank, uses grenade launchers and rockets as primary weapons
Marksman: focuses on relatively smaller weapons and semi-automatic weapons
Sniper: focuses on relatively larger weapons and bolt-action weapons
Heavy Sniper: anti-material rifles as primary

__Increased stabilization time for most weapons (mostly just the HU weapons, others left alone)
The increased stabilization time (doubled for all HU weapons) is designed to help simulate combat stress by making weapons a little but harder to use. Goal is to emphasize
smart, tactical gameplay rather than point-and-click. Moving tactically rather than running around everywhere will allow you to engage any threats accurately faster, so
deciding to run quickly could backfire in the sense that you aren't able to recover by simply shooting first.

__Increased semi-automatic firerate
In base HU, semi-auto was slow and really annoying. In CQB, you were almost forced to go full-auto or burst mode to make sure you took down enemies quick enough. With the
increased firerate, semi-auto is now viable in CQB and for suppressing targets with rapid fire (though less accurate).

__Heavier body armor
Base HU had the heaviest armor unable to stop any form of rifle rounds (that's dumb). Since actual elite units use rifle plates these days, the heavier body armor gives the
player (and enemies with that level of armor) increased protection against common threats such as AK rifles. This protection increases surivability, but doesn't extend over
the whole body and no one is invincible to shots that avoid the armor.

__Increased ammo
Base HU had ammo way too low. Since some missions end up requiring a lot of ammo and there is no way to adjust ammo in the kit selection screen, the simplest solution is to
increase the ammo in all player kits, staying within realistic confines.

__SP Class Setup
Rifleman: largest selection of weapons split into 3 specialties to ease loading times. Does NOT have access to grenade launchers and rockets.
Regular: equipped with weapons ranging from small carbines to non-DMR battle rifles
Assault: equipped with carbines, SMGs, and shotguns (some weapon overlap with regular rifleman)
Marksman: equipped with marksman rifles and some semi-automatic sniper rifles
Demolitions: similar primary selection to rifleman, but have secondaries not available to the Rifleman class (grenade launchers, demo charges, and rocket launchers)
Support: machine gunner class, secondary selection does have grenade launchers and rockets
Sniper: long-range rifles, secondary selection does have grenade launchers

Weapons not available as primaries: rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and pistols (still available as secondary weapons)
Specialists work off of a more limited "classic" weapon selection and no specialties in the rifleman class
Winter specialists use the same kits as the other specialists, but with winter weapons added

What this class selection does is give a purpose to each class. Rifleman are your most versatile, able to engage anywhere from close-range to mid-range, but also able to engage
at long-range with certain kits. Due to the secondary restriction (which has been expanded from previous versions), the Demolition class covers not only your rocket and demo charge
needs, but can augment the firepower of your squad with a grenade launcher while still covering the basic rifleman role. Due to the specialization of the Support and Sniper classes,
I didn't apply any extra secondary restrictions to them. Each class has it's purpose, use them well in order to accomplish your mission.

2. How to Use Certain Mod Features

__How to use the compass
The pointer for the compass in GR reverses East and West (this is because the pointer always points to North). Since the compass texture itself doesn't rotate, E and W
have been reversed so that the pointer always correctly indicates the direction you are facing (corresponds to command map correctly).

__Play other missions and campaigns not included (can't guarantee there won't be conflicts that cause issues)
Change the activation order to the following:
Desert Siege
Island Thunder
(insert mission packs and campaigns here)
Heroes Unleashed
Cloak-and-Dagger v1.3.0

__Increased Ammo for MP
The original HU kit restrictions have been left untouched except for

3. Mod Contents and Adjustments

__General gameplay and balancing
Heavier body armor
Semi-automatic firerates increased for most weapons (now viable in close quarters and for suppressing fire)
Kits from different units in HU compiled, increasing weapon selection significantly
Ammo increased on most weapons in SP (reloadable rocket launchers get more ammo, but non-reloadable don't get more ammo, multiplayer ammo the same)
MP kit ammo increase
Some new weapon sounds
Compass from Not A Game used because E and W are reversed like the in-game pointer (aids in calling out targets in COOP, don't have to open command map to call direction)
Realistic Wound Textures used
Action Icons used
Flashbang settings adjusted so they do no damage (settings same as Burner's flashbangs)
New explosion textures from Blood Oil
Custom menu background images used
Grenade launcher rate of fire increased to prevent unnecessary delay of firing
Increased weapon stabilization time

__Playable characters
Regular SP characters and MP Ghosts now have skins from CAPD2_Adjustment_Mod (MrMoon's skins) except for some ghillie suit snipers with legacy camo
6 Specialists in winter camo (from Frostbite)
6 Specialists in Serpentine Dream Theory skins
All playable SP characters have 250 in all stats, including specialists

__Mission additions and modifications
Some map tagging issues fixed (thanks wombat)
Added missions get "0-" prefix added to make them appear first
GRS Map Pack 3 added for extra killhouse with different weather and missions (briefing for killhouse clearing missions modified)
Wet Sun mission added
Tactical Net missions added (removed unlock requirement for missions)
Serpentine Dream Theory missions added
9MS mod with missions added (see extra resources for full briefings of missions)
Frostbite added
Blood Oil added

__New kit restrictions for MP
CaD: Cloak-and-Dagger, mostly the same as the HU kit restrictions except more ammo, some with new skins, and special game modes
KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid, extremely basic kit selection featuring iron sights (except snipers), no suppressors, bolt action snipers, etc.
Creator/Author: Jack Wachter
Version: v2.0
Requires: Get Heroes Unleashed HERE
File Size (MB): 362
Discussion Link:
Last Download: 17/07/19 19:47:51
Downloads: 300
(9 Ratings) 
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