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Heroes Unleashed
Added: 20/12/08 08:31:03
Description: New for 2016: Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0 Beta 9

New release of Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, the ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience. Unofficial expansion pack for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001), with 200+ maps, 400+ weapons, tons of other content, packed with ass-kicking realism and countless gameplay improvements. It's time to revisit the King of tactical realism shooters!

V1.0.0B9 - RELEASED: 11/13/2016


Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is a hardcore tactical realism mod / expansion pack for the universally acclaimed and multiple GOTY award winning squad-based military first-person shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001), originally developed by Red Storm Entertainment.

Heroes Unleashed offers a ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience by maximizing realism in every aspect of the game. Weapons perfectly match their real-life counterparts in accuracy, effectiveness, and handling. Your AI opponents display terrifying levels of tactical acumen in trying to outwit you through flanking, laying down suppressive fire, hiding, taking cover, etc. Missions take place in realistic open-world environments and are completely nonlinear, with a minimum of scripted events and lots of random elements for infinite replayability.

The mod pushes Ghost Recon's tactical realism gameplay to the absolute extreme and sets it lightyears apart from anything you are accustomed to in todays ubiquitous action shooters. One bullet can kill, there are no med packs, no health regeneration, no sci-fi equipment, enemies are not shown on HUD, there is no handholding, no guide towards your objectives. There is just you and your squad of elite soldiers, pretty much on your own out there deep behind enemy lines, with cautious tactical execution being your best bet to survive.

Whether you play alone, with friends via Internet or local network, either cooperatively against AI or in adversarial PvP / TvT challenge, Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed delivers rivetingly realistic squad-based military tactical FPS combat hard to find anywhere else.


• Intensified focus on hardcore tactical realism gameplay
• Enhanced and extended Ghost Recon trilogy SP / MP CO-OP campaigns
• Nonlinear randomized SP / MP CO-OP mission and game type execution
• Cinematic mission intro & outro cutscenes for single player
• Automated save game function for single player missions and games
• Huge choice of maps (over 200 total), available in all SP / MP games
• Overhauled realistic map environments (viewing and drawing distance)
• Dynamic mission weather change (precipitation, intensity, direction)
• Novel random mission generator for SP / MP CO-OP on all maps
• Many new and improved game types (100+ total for SP / MP combined)
• Comprehensive SP / MP CO-OP tactical score / rating system
• Intricate AI stealth / enemy detection and alertness routines
• Improved overall opponent and friendly AI capabilities and behavior
• Loads of authentic weapons and equipment items (more than 400 total)
• Revamped equipment kit selection menus (quick equipment browsing)
• More realistic weapon characteristics, handling, and ballistics
• Closer to real-world bullet penetration and wounding system
• Innovative new weapon sight zoom effect (visible weapon scope)
• Reworked SP kits and MP unit and equipment restrictions setup
• Extra characters (more than 1,000 total) with many new attachments
• Expanded SP team character appearance (varying character skins)
• Additional marksman character for SP Ghost team and all MP teams
• Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) updated to Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU)
• Added MP units (Navy SEALs, SAS, Delta Force, KSK, Spetsnaz, etc.)
• Supplementary military and civilian vehicles (more than 100 total)
• Boosted audio dynamics and scores of authentic new sounds
• Countless new high-resolution textures and more detailed 3D models
• Updated user interface (menus, HUD, command map, PDA, sounds etc.)
• Optimized for current 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio HD displays
• Tons of technical and gameplay fixes, adjustments, fine tuning, etc.
• Customizable to personal preference via 50+ included add-on mods
• Immeasurable treasure in game- and mod-related bonus content ;)
• Streamlined file / folder naming and structure for easier modding
• Elaborate measures for compatibility and discrete modular content
• Included development tools and essential modding information
• Cross-platform compatible (same download for Mac and PC)


• Mac OS 9.2 / OS X 10.1-10.x, Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (x86/64)
• 1.0 GHz processor (2.0 GHz or faster recommended)
• 512 MB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
• 64 MB video card (512 MB or better recommended)
• 1024x768 or 1280x720 display resolution (1920x1080 Full-HD or higher recommended)
• 640x480 resolution support for game menu and movie playback
• 19 GB available disk space (up to 26 GB during installation, fast SSD recommended)
• Hi-Fi stereo or surround sound (surround sound gaming headset recommended)
• 56 kbps TCP/IP connection (for network / online play, broadband access recommended)
• Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001), updated to version 1.4 (preferably English version)
• Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege (2002) official expansion pack
• Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (2002) official expansion pack
Creator/Author: ApexMods - See documentation for full contributors credits.
Version: v1.0.0b9
Screenshot: Screenshot
Authors website:
File Size (MB): 6.72 GB (same download for PC & Mac)
Movie Clip:
Discussion Link: Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed
Last Download: 22/02/18 05:01:59
Downloads: 36721
(210 Ratings) 
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Posted By MonkeyVR6 on 27/12/08 09:01:53

How do you install this file?

Posted By ApexMods on 27/12/08 14:01:26

The download comes in 7z format (a highly compressed archive type). To expand the archive you can use any 7z-compatible extraction utility, like the current version of StuffIt Expander (for Mac & PC) or WinZip/WinRAR/7-zip (for PC only).

Posted By TWCRASH on 28/12/08 20:55:15

great job thanks for the time and effort

Posted By ApexMods on 28/12/08 22:53:08

Thank you, TWCRASH, I appreciate that! Have fun with Heroes Unleashed! :)

Posted By SiP on 31/12/08 11:06:49

I was unable to expand this file with StuffIt Deluxe 9.0, StuffIt 10.0, or StuffIt 12.0 on my MBP. (Download size: 899 MB / Name: Heroes_Unleashed_v100b3_Mac.7z)

Posted By goa-mc on 31/12/08 11:11:18

is this only for the mac or is win  in it and where is download????

Posted By goa-mc on 31/12/08 11:19:32

forget it guess i need to open up the eyes intead of the mouth  lol

Posted By SiP on 31/12/08 11:26:56

Hey again. I found a program through a Google search: It works very well for expanding ".7z" files. If fact, it even displays the details of the extraction during the expansion process in a Terminal/Log window. 

Posted By ApexMods on 31/12/08 11:40:02

@SiP: You will need the latest version of StuffIt Expander 2009 (v13.0.2) which you can find e.g. here: EZ 7z ( ) works too, but it is quite a bit slower when extracting large archives. @goa-mc: Don't worry, you are not the only one not to find the DOWNLOAD button right away. ;)

Posted By PANTHER on 31/12/08 19:51:48



Posted By ApexMods on 31/12/08 20:46:11

@PANTHER: When you have downloaded the mod's archive (the .7z file), open it with a 7z-compatible extraction utility (e.g. StuffIt Expander 2009) and it will create a new "Heroes Unleashed" folder. Inside that folder you will find further installation instructions (ReadMe file).

Posted By NeMo on 01/01/09 18:05:43

Power Archiver Is The Best IMO

Posted By AEG_old.geezer on 02/01/09 09:53:25

cool mod, thanks

Posted By crosshairx2 on 03/01/09 07:28:44

another great mod for one of the best games ever,cheers,good job.

Posted By ApexMods on 07/01/09 07:47:12

Thanks a lot guys! I'm glad you enjoy the mod! :)

Posted By pwn3rer on 09/01/09 02:25:39

looks great im ganna go play soon...


will add more feedback.

Posted By on 09/01/09 21:39:39

Unfortunately the mod only produces this result for me:

The instruction at "0x006748e3" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written"

Recon runs fine without the mod active

Posted By ApexMods on 10/01/09 05:35:32

The problem you described has nothing to do with the mod. It is an error commonly caused by system file or registry corruption in WinXP. For details please read the corresponding forum thread here at Hope that helps.

Posted By variable13 on 11/01/09 13:29:33

Wow. All I have to say.  Awesome work!

Posted By AEG_old.geezer on 13/01/09 16:44:01

played quite a few maps, they are good. this is a class mod.

Posted By Medic on 17/01/09 12:56:36

Excellent Mod ApeX. Thanks for your dedication, time and effort put in to this.


Posted By ApexMods on 20/01/09 07:13:40

Thank you all for your encouraging words and the great ratings you have given Heroes Unleashed at this download page! All of this really means a lot to me! You are of course also invited to leave additional feedback in the corresponding thread of the forums here at ( ) or at the mod's official web site at Thanks again, and have fun with Heroes Unleashed! :)

Posted By Jon on 06/02/09 12:23:56

Tested only for few minutes this morning, and goddamn, IT KICKS ASS!

Posted By Chaos E on 11/02/09 16:29:16

hi, i just downloaded this mod and i followed the instructions,but i dont have a MODS tab in my options , how come?

Posted By P@LaD!n on 18/02/09 12:27:33

Downloaded it and played it solo and with friends for the last couple of weeks and figured I'd give a review. First off, this is some great work! Combining the three original campaigns into one large one is fantastic! - as is the incorporation of many of the other popular weapon and uniform mods, and the tweaking of the enemy AI. I also liked the tweaking of the weather conditions on some of the maps (lessening the fog and haze on some). Overall, just for these reasons I like the mod very much. There's 128 maps (including those from GR-DS-IT and their respective MP maps), some of which are repeated to have day, night, snow, or fog/rain. If you're playing team vs team, set the game for random and you're good to go for hours and hours! There are some criticisms however: 1) With the increased spot distance for the enemy AI combined with the reduced weather you now have enemy AI that makes instant one shot kills from the other side of even the large maps. The 'run-stop-one shot standing instant kill snap shot' has always been a part of GR but with the increased toughness of the enemy AI and the distances covered make this happen a *lot* in many of the maps. 2) Enemy AI survives multiple head shots and still gets you. It's really something to see the enemy heads as a major bloody mess through your scope and have them pull one of those insta-kill-snap shots at you. 3) After the orginal GR-DS-IT campaign all of the rest of the 128 maps in "mission" mode are basically just firefights. Some may recognize some of the maps and the detailed missions included in their respective mods, but that won't be found in Heroes Unleashed, which is a shame. 4) In 'mission' mode the additional maps have a major problem relating to the spawn points and the enemy AI. Map after map after map the players spawn right on top of the enemy AI. To do the mission/map at all you have to turn on infinite respawn and/or have every member of the team with either a SAW or MM1 just to kill off the dozen plus bad guys at the spawn point. In several maps the enemy AI surrounded the player spawn points so that a team of 9 was killed right at the opening. After turning on the respawn option most of us "died" between 8-12 times just getting through the spawn point. This is a group that regularly makes it through the original campaign missions with respawn 'off' and with usually zero to three player losses. 4a) Not sure what the design team on this mod was thinking but the placement of the enemy AI is also questionable for other than directly at the spawn points. In several maps the player team is set inside a small area and just beyond is half or more of the enemy AI force. In one map, an underground parking garage, the team has only one place to go, a single door, but on the other side of that door are 40 enemy AI all aimed at the players' door. In another, the players spawn in an alcove of an art gallery with no place to seek cover and right beside them are 20 enemy AI which, of course, begin firing all at once at the players as soon as they spawn. This mod has a LOT going for it on the plus side, the weapons, maps, models, textures, and so forth make it great, but if you're planning on doing the missions solo or with your buds please keep the negatives in mind. One great thing about this mod is that with a little work it can be made even better. Going in and tweaking the enemy AI placement at the spawn points made many of the maps actually playable, and the sheer number of maps make 'real' mission creation easy - many of the maps have good spots for objective points for demo, rescue, etc. Combining this mod with "HX Missions" works well too. With that mod in place and the maps set to 'random' you get a never ending game! Kudos and a "Well Done!" to the design team on this mod. Lets hope version 2 of this can fix the enemy AI vs player spawn point problems and maybe bring back the missions originally on the added maps.

Posted By P@LaD!n on 18/02/09 12:31:24

Didn't realize that the paragraphs I created would be removed by the posting systerm, sorry. The missions played by my group were done in coop mode, not sure why that part of the post didn't make it in.

Posted By ApexMods on 18/02/09 13:15:04

Thanks a lot for your detailed and positive feedback, P@LaD!n! I'm glad you like the mod in spite of the shortcomings you mentioned, and assure you that I am working hard to overcome the issues you described. The next (beta-)update is due shortly (end of February), and it will address - among other things - enemy AI and combat model issues (1, 2), as well as enemy locations on several maps (4, 4a), but some maps (e.g. Parking Garage, Art Gallery etc.) are extremely small, and an instant and concentrated firefight is almost unavoidable. More elaborate scripting for maps that currently feature just simple firefight-style missions is underway for the full (non-beta) version, later this year (5). BTW - I intentionally left out the original missions that came with many of the maps, so people will keep playing those other mods, too (and also because I want to create entirely new missions, once the campaign is rescripted =) ).

Posted By P@LaD!n on 19/02/09 17:37:32

Apex....yah, like the mod a LOT and the problem issues are VERY workable to fix for the most part. Had some time yesterday and did some semi-tweaking. I modded the 'HK Assault Special 2' and its 'compatability mod' since it was handy, small and fit easily into 'Heroes'. I upped the MP player stats to increase the endurance level and altered the HK 416 10" SD kit to include a 200rd mag similar to the Shrike. I didn't want to change the 'Heroes' mod at all so that's why I tweaked the other one in compatability mode. That let the coop players hose down the enemy AI at the spawn point problem issue and 'resume' in single fire mode as normal. (I just duped the GUN file and changed the 30rd mag to 200 so no change in weight. Add in 20 frags and/or 20 rounds of 40mm for the GL's and it was a heck of a row just for kicks. Also just for kicks I tossed in a crate on a couple of maps to change kits a la HX so that after dealing with the spawn issue the team could go to a regular rifleman kit. That of course led to msgs over voice chat for multiple crates for different kits, so went with the 416 mod. I wish I had the time or the talent to do what y'all great modders do. Me, I just tweak a little here and there to satisfy my kids and friends. Thanks again for a great mod!!

Posted By ApexMods on 20/02/09 03:39:53

That tweaking sounds fun! If you ever feel like it, maybe you want to head over to and join future development of Heroes? There's always some fine-tuning of maps, weapons etc. to be done, so that might be right up your alley. =)

Posted By ptcrealtor on 22/02/09 19:22:33

I have been playing these extra missions for hours and they really are great! My only question is I have the original ghost recon game for mac and none of the expansion packs that followed. All the mission maps related to Cuba crash when they try to load under Heroes Unleashed. Is there something misiing from this download?


Thanks guys and keep up the good work! This is by far my favorite game!

Posted By ApexMods on 23/02/09 06:13:00

There is nothing missing from the download, but the mod requires both official expansion packs - Desert Siege and Island Thunder - to be installed. Desert Siege is included in the Mac version of Ghost Recon (it is the "Game of the Year" edition), but Island Thunder needs to be installed separately. The Island Thunder expansion pack was never officially released for Mac, but you can purchase a PC version of this expansion and convert it to be Mac-compatible. For details about installing Island Thunder for Mac, please visit ( which features a tutorial article with full conversion instructions (,6556,), and where you can download an easy-to-use automation patch (

Posted By ptcrealtor on 23/02/09 16:04:40

thanks apex - good info

Posted By ApexMods on 28/02/09 11:26:25

The next (beta!) version of Heroes Unleashed (v1.0.0b4) is complete. It contains a number of bug fixes and fine-tuning of many features, plus there are new maps, weapons, and a couple of game types for you to enjoy. The update comes as installer applications for Mac and PC that automatically patch your installation of Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b3 to the new version 1.0.0b4. The new downloads will be added to the database shortly! Have fun with a new version of Heroes Unleashed!

Posted By Rocky on 28/02/09 13:16:32

Paldin, sorry for the shortcomings of the comment posting system. I am working to resolve these, thanks for your patience.

Posted By TWCRASH on 28/02/09 18:58:04

Wow quick addition there Rocky. Congrats Apex on another stellar uodate release

Posted By ApexMods on 28/02/09 19:19:00

And congrats to you, Crash! All the help you (and your TechWarriorZ!) are providing with the ongoing development of Heroes Unleashed is very much appreciated. I know it's not always easy with me and my neurotic behavior, so extra special thanks for your patience! I'll try to be less of a control freak in the future... although chances are dim. =)

Posted By kyuss on 02/03/09 19:02:06

Hey there I want this mod but is ok with vers 1.4 alot to download if not, I just couldnt see a anything to conferm it. Thanks

Posted By ApexMods on 02/03/09 19:09:59

Heroes Unleashed requires Ghost Recon v1.4 (latest version) and both official expansion packs "Desert Siege" and "Island Thunder". Hope that helps! =)

Posted By riverrat on 15/04/09 02:54:00

hey apexmods,

 great job on the mod and a "must have" mod by the way.

Posted By Luciano on 07/05/09 17:31:31

is there a way to use this mod "Heroes Unleashed", without having to buy the mods "Desert Siege" and "Island Thunder"? Or will there be? Because Ghost Recon is a great game,but only 15 maps... And to buy the extra mods... dont have money growing on my back

Posted By ApexMods on 27/05/09 17:29:44

@riverrat: Thanks a lot, it's very much appreciated! There is more to come, soon! ;) @Luciano: Sorry, Heroes Unleashed depends on many assets from Desert Siege and Island Thunder. You should be able to find the expansion packs or Ghost Recon Gold/Ghost Recon Complete (which contain both expansions) quite cheap, nowadays. I've seen the Complete edition for as low as 10$ online somewhere - and it is REALLY worth it!

Posted By ApexMods on 29/05/09 05:12:30

After my (slightly longer than planned) hiatus I am happy to announce that I finished the next update (v1.0.0b5) for Heroes Unleashed. It's a major one - with tons of balancing and fine tuning, and again there are new maps, weapons, and game types. Additionally, I have created another add-on mod, plus an info sheet with a comprehensive listing of all weapons in Heroes Unleashed and their key specs (as usual, those bonus items are "hidden away" in the X-TRAS folder). Hope you'll enjoy the next version of Heroes Unleashed!

Posted By ApexMods on 31/05/09 03:40:09

There are several reports of downloads for the full install of Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b5 being corrupted. I have contacted ModDB (the guys that host the downloads) about this issue and wait for their reply. The files on the servers seem intact, so the problem is apparently caused during download. If any of you have issues downloading the files, please don't hesitate to report them here. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted By ApexMods on 05/06/09 18:18:48

Just had another email exchange with ModDB and apparently the file corruption on FileFront got fixed. When the ModDB guys tried the downloads today everything came down intact, and meanwhile several people reported successful downloads from both FileFront and StrategyInformer, so hopefully it is all sorted out now.

Posted By LakeCZ on 07/06/09 14:11:50

Corrupt files in this version... I have only white screen in campaign ...

Posted By uña on 10/06/09 09:32:32

v1.0.0b5 is corrupt. download the v1.0.0b4 from instead and apply the patch afterwards. wild wild wild!

Posted By ApexMods on 13/07/09 07:11:07

Sorry to hear that there are still problems with the full install download on some mirrors. ModDB assured me that the file corruption issue on FileFront has been fixed, but if you still encounter problems with the download for v1.0.0b5, the workaround to download the v1.0.0b4 full install and the v1.0.0b5 update patch should work, as those files have never been reported as corrupted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted By TWCRASH on 23/07/09 17:57:27

Hey Apex I uploaded it to  Mediafire. Here is the link if you want it: Feel free to post it.

Posted By fleshtheworld on 25/07/09 19:45:48

Heres to hoping this mod will be better then the already awesome game that GR is.

Posted By fleshtheworld on 26/07/09 22:41:51

Hello, im trying to understand it all, this mod and GR mods in general, any help would be appreciated.

Some questions, iv read many of the sections but most of them involved installing and such which i didnt encounter any problems. I am a creator myself and less of a player so i want to know more of the developing side.

Is there a list of whats actually modified gameplay wise? Some of the changes, like the cross aims for guns and their zoom and the UI is a little overwhelming since i just started playing GR again and it is an amazing game just like it was so many years ago. In the readme it did mention a little about the aim and it seems in the original game they have near perfect aim even when your running from out of no where bam your dead :0 usualy they know where exactly you are coming from especialy if you just had a firefight over the hills so they pick your head off when you advance (do they know where you are as a AI flaw like almost god like cheating advantage unless you sneak around them?) im glad in HU they have more realistic (no aimbot) aims which is good.

Id like to know, for the campaigns, i assume the mod makes them better somehow as it mentions in the readme. Iv noticed you guys added movies?

Another question is, can i still choose the weapons and cosutmes from the original? As when trying other mods FrostBite, i dont think i can choose the old stuff and they are always wearing snow outfits. I guess the only choice is deactivating the mods? Theres really no way to play both?

Just some questions.