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Gaming Setup: Gaming Kit

Do you play PC games only or console games? Or even smartphone games? If so, what type of gaming do you like to do, and what sort of equipment should you be looking at buying.

What setup do you need if you’re a mobile gamer? How can smartphones take your gaming to another level? This article will answer these questions and make sure your gaming does not interfere with healthy living.

So, what do you need to take your mobile gaming to the next level?

Next level gaming

Suppose you’re looking for big-screen thrills but don’t want to carry around another piece of bulky kit. In that case, it’s possible to turn any smartphone into a mini games console using an accessory such as Moga’s Hero Power controller.

It makes those movie-based tie-ins easier than ever before by replicating those fiddly controls on an iPad or Android tablet.

The Moga Hero Power is great for fighting games such as Street Fighter IV, but the best option currently available comes from Mad Catz – with its Mojo range of Android-compatible controllers.

The Mojo series includes designs that slide an Android phone behind the controllers and models that use your handset directly. There’s also an attachable gamepad if you don’t want to use your phone at all. In any case, it makes mobile gaming more enjoyable than ever.

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What do you need if you’re planning on streaming?

Broadcasting gameplay footage via Twitch or Amazons’ Twitch Prime. While it’s possible to stream directly from consoles such as Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, the best results come from hooking them up to a PC while using an Elgato capture card (or one of its rivals)

While some gamers opt for entry-level models, the most popular option is Elgato’s HD60S which offers high-quality live streaming with games running in 1080p at 60fps. If you want something even faster, then its successor version – the HD60 Pro – can handle 720p streams at 240fps.

Alternatively, say hello to your new favorite streaming accessory: Mixer’s Stream Deck controller that has already turned several OTT hosts into overnight sensations. It’s a small box that sits on your desk and allows you to add special effects, the transition between scenes, and launch other programs at the touch of a button.

There are 15 buttons in total – with different icons corresponding to pre-programmed actions, such as starting or stopping a stream, applying volume overlays, and kicking off alerts for when people subscribe or donate. And unlike some third-party devices, it works seamlessly with your existing account and various streaming services, including Twitch and YouTube.

What do I need if I’m playing sports games?

A wireless controller can help improve accuracy when playing first-person shooters such as Call of Duty: WW2 or Battlefield 1. Still, most consoles will get along just fine using the primary pack-in controller.

However, it’s worth checking if the latest model is on offer, as Sony’s DualShock 4 pad has an improved design that features an internal speaker for in-game sound effects and a more ergonomic design with better sticks and triggers.

The Xbox One controller isn’t quite as impressive, but it does have the edge when it comes to backward compatibility – allowing you to hook up vintage pads from your childhood.

If you want something more substantial, Razer’s Wildcat is one of the best-wired controllers currently available for either console. At the same time, its Sabertooth model offers wireless functionality via a USB dongle or Bluetooth for PC gamers.

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What about fast-paced games?

Your choice will depend on what platform you are playing on, but many console gamers swear by Razer’s Mamba wireless mouse, which can deliver accurate tracking even during frenzied sessions.

Alternatively, Logitech also makes some great mice, including the G502 Proteus Core, which excels at all genres thanks to high-resolution sensors, adjustable weights, and multiple buttons that can be easily programmed using its free desktop software. It’s worth adding that, much like gamepads, buying cheap models (under $50) is likely to lead to subpar performance when it comes to battery life and build quality.

To play fighting games, what do you need?

Fighting game fans would be better off using a beefier controller such as Mad Catz’s Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2.

This arcade stick has been designed in collaboration with Capcom and features the standard six buttons, joystick, and another eight for activating move combinations. It comes with interchangeable switchable top plates, which make it easier to use on different surfaces.

What about complex strategy games?

Even professional gamers can’t use a mouse for everything, so Logitech makes the G Pro tenkeyless keyboard with an ultra-short travel distance making it ideal for genres such as RTS, where precision is critical.

It also features multiple programmable keys and RGB lighting, meaning you can customize the design using the free Logitech software. The downside is there are no macro or media controls which may be frustrating if your computer doesn’t have dedicated software installed, but this shouldn’t be much of an issue once it’s plugged in.

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What about playing multiplayer games?

For those that take gaming seriously without taking themselves too seriously, the conventional choice is likely to be HyperX, Cloud Stinger.

The headset is cheaper than most other headsets targeted at this market while still offering solid audio quality and a lightweight design – although gamers should note that its audio isn’t quite as good as the wired Sennheiser PC350 Special Edition.

However, one interesting difference between these two products is their form factor. In contrast, the former has an over-the-ear design with leatherette padding. The latter features an on-ear design, meaning you’re less likely to fall asleep playing games if you’re using the latter.

Play MOBAs?

In terms of mice, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is arguably the best on the market, thanks to its customizable design and long battery life.

It offers mind-boggling 11 programmable buttons that you can easily adjust using Logitech’s software and customizable RGB lighting using 16.8 million different colors instead of mere millions as found in most other products.

As well as this, there are four interchangeable thumb grip attachments allowing users to find one that suits their personal preferences – ideal for those who take gaming seriously but aren’t able to shell out for an upgraded model such as the Logitech G502 Proteus Core.

What’s needed for racing games?

As well as being lighter than the G502, the Logitech G29 Driving Force is designed with racing games in mind, so it has a much lower degree of mouse acceleration.

All of this makes it an ideal option if you primarily play racing games while its long cable provides plenty of flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about your controls being interrupted while racing.

Playing first-person shooters such as COD

Logitech’s G502 Proteus Spectrum is hands down one of the best mice available thanks to its 11 programmable buttons and 16.8 million different color options, so it will be ideal for those looking to get into first-person shooters.

However, it is worth noting that you’ll also need a very steady hand (and some extreme patience) since FPS games require more precision than any other genre out there.

Razer’s Lancehead is an excellent choice for console gamers who want something more competitive or faster-paced, thanks to its incredibly accurate 12000 DPI sensor, which even offers an adjustable lift-off distance.

Finally, remember it’s healthy to have a break; that’s what you should do every hour, take a 15 minute time out.