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New Zealand is quite known for gaming in different categories. About two-thirds of the entire population identified that they are gamers. What will surprise you is that this number is equally distributed across males and females, indicating how well-rooted gaming in NZ is.

Averagely, a player in New Zealand spends nothing less than 2 hours playing different sorts of video games on their devices. This includes online games, arcades, and adventure, among other popular titles.

What are the top video games in NZ? As a matter of fact, it depends on the genre we are considering and the devices. While some titles are widespread in the country, their popularity changes year to year. Below are the best video games in New Zealand in 2023.


Grand Theft Auto is a very popular game that has sold far more than 170 million copies so far. With the population of NZ averaging 5 million plus, it means each person could get as many copies as they want.

This demonstrates how liked GTA is everywhere. It will likely continue to gain popularity now that it is accessible on more recent platforms, according to analysts. Why is GTA V so accepted by people?

There are many thrilling instances throughout. Imagine an open world simulating one’s reality. You may ride motorbikes on rails, hijack airplanes, and have several gunfights with cops. To put it another way, GTA is an incredibly adaptable play.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

In New Zealand, this interactive, violent, and diversified military shooting video game is rapidly gaining popularity. As designed by Ubisoft, you may play alone or in a four-player cooperative, which is an intriguing concept.

The video game world Aurora, according to Ubisoft, is bigger compared to the Wildlands expanse. Through the use of numerous aircraft, ground, and marine transportation, people can move around the open world in a number of different ways. Players of ghost recon breakpoint can test their survival abilities there and learn to adjust to the diverse territories.

It features combating difficult new adversaries that employ unique strategies and automated killing robots while learning to endure in hostile environments.


At first look, one might think that a football game would not gain ground in a country known for Rugby like New Zealand. But due to statistics, FIFA 23 remains NZ’s most-played sports video title. The game was released with several modes for different players’ preferences.

In contrast to earlier editions, FIFA 23 did not only feature well-known tournaments and events. It also enables you to take part in street soccer.

There are other possibilities if classic football is what you want. Players might also engage online with colleagues. For those who have a small group of mates, there is a five-aside option.

The enhanced pace, professional skills, and dynamics are FIFA 23’s strongest features. This indicates that it is more pleasurable than earlier ones.


Kiwis enjoy playing slots, or pokies, which are really popular titles in NZ. The online version offers more sophisticated visuals and greater RTPs than video slot machines do. Their accessibility on mobile devices and wide range of concepts also contribute significantly to their appeal.

Pokies remain one of several devices where cash is wagered in exchange for a possibly higher return. New pokies employ computers and video displays to recreate the sensation instead of the reels used in traditional classical devices.

In New Zealand, popular slot titles, including Thunderstruck 11, Beach Life, and Starburst, are common. In actuality, the top slot minimum deposit casino NZ features hundreds of titles on respective sites.

Sonic Origins

As an improvement to the 1990s game collection, it features new visuals, additional characters, and improved gameplay. Actually, Sonic video games have long been well-liked. Everyone in New Zealand was eager to see them. The products’ add-ons are their main attraction.

You frequently play Sonic the Hedgehog. The new game, however, has more features and is even better personalized. But it isn’t flawless. Sonic Origins has been popular in NZ; however, it has received criticism for having a lot of issues, from looping sounds and unexpected freeze of the characters.


The top five video games in New Zealand for 2023 offer a diverse range of genres and gameplay experiences. Pokies remain popular, but classic franchises such as FIFA 22 and Sonic continue to captivate players with their innovative features and activities.

Meanwhile, the continued success of GTA V and the intense tactical gameplay of Ghost Recon Breakpoint showcase the enduring appeal of mature-themed games. As we look ahead to the future of gaming, it will be exciting to see what new titles and innovations will emerge to capture the imaginations of Kiwi gamers.