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PC gamers that have great hand-eye coordination skills are better able to aim and shoot against opponents

When it comes to military tactical shooter games, the Ghost Recon series by Ubisoft is a common favourite. The franchise has released over 14 publications over the years, each new version more advanced and immersive than the last. The series is rich in history with many legends surrounding it. For PC and console gamers of the series, Ghost Recon offers a unique entertainment experience where users play a U.S. Army member in charge of a battalion, working together with other soldiers on important missions. The game requires elite decision-making skills and the precise use of resources such as helicopters, parachutes, and more.

Ghost Recon players experience a gameplay unlike any other as they must strategically manoeuvre themselves through a complex set of different locations, opponents, and outposts. For fans of the franchise looking to improve various aspects of their gameplay, there are other strategic activities that can aid in the refining of skills for Ghost Recon. Below we’ll take a look at a few popular games that are not only equally as entertaining and mind-bending, but also extremely useful for improving various aspects of play.


You may be surprised to see a non-video game on this list, but poker is undoubtedly the world’s greatest strategy game. In this way, becoming great at it can help users of Ghost Recon hone in on their skills in military combat. This is because consistent play of poker actually strengthens cognitive functioning in the brain, even creating new neurological pathways over time. The game requires its players to stay 100% focus and concentrated, predicting opponents moves and unprecedented actions that could occur.

Players of Ghost Recon must also guess where their enemies will be at any time on the battlefield and predict any sudden change in play. Similarly, the strategic card game can only be played with an active mind by a player who is willing to push their mental ability to new heights. Gamers who practice and polish their individual poker strategy may find that their gameplay decisions in Ghost Recon are quicker, more precise, and thoroughly cultivated. After all, poker teaches patience, discipline, and improves logical thinking — all abilities that are highly necessary to excel at the military tactile activity.


Starcraft is another great game to play in preparation for Ghost Recon domination. Also a military-related activity, this game takes place in real-time against live opponents and requires serious strategic skills to defeat virtual competition. Since it’s played on the PC, it’s great for users who are looking to practice their hand-eye coordination skills for shooting, especially useful for computer gamers who play Mac Ghost Recon games rather than console.

Its unique factors of real time shooting and tactile decision-making mirror that of Ghost Recon’s gameplay since players must also use resources wisely and work together as soldiers on one collective mission. Although the game was first released for Windows in 1998, nowadays users can practice their strategy in both free and remastered online versions. Gamers will enjoy new and improved visuals and soundtracks all the while refining their skills for another military-style game in the process.

Ghost Recon was originally published by developers Ubisoft in November of 2001

Axis and Allies

Some may remember the classic board game, Axis and Allies that was released decades ago in 1984. Well, the strategic World War II game is still relevant today for other gamers of military-like combat activities. That’s because games like Axis and Allies can improve decision making skills and help gamers plan ahead for the unexpected.

Strategies acquired in the classic game can help players of Ghost Recon to know when to attack and when to lay back. The fight for world domination is now available to play online in multiplayer and on-on-one mode.


Go is a strategic board game that originated from ancient China in the Zhou dynasty. It’s played between two players who sit opposite a board with small pieces in black and white, much like chess. However, the gameplay differs from the other strategic activity as the goal is to possess the most board area in order to win.

So how in the world can Go help players of Ghost Recon to enhance their playing skills? Well, the game of Go involves a huge number of combinations and, as such, players must master the art of decision-making. At any given moment, one user needs to choose between attacking his or her opponent or enlarging territory. This game is a great tool to train players of Ghost Recon to think through every possible move before taking action.