Ghost Recon Net

At the moment, there isn’t too much known about the next Ghost Recon game and it’s shrouded in a fair bit of secrecy. What we do know is that it’s under development with a working title of  ‘Ovr/Over’ and it’s allegedly going to be set during the fictional ‘Naiman War’.

Let’s take some time to unpick the facts and also try and find out what the new game is reportedly inspired by!

Release date for Ghost Recon

The developers are aiming for a release date somewhere in 2025-2026, and it’s going to be heading back to its first-person perspective, which will please many fans who will be looking for something new to play when they’ve had their fill of the very best MMORPG games for 2024.

According to reports, it’s going to be a military tactical shooter that puts you in a squad and is MilSim in nature. It’s going to take inspiration from some of the other current leading first-person military games such as Battlefield, the Modern Warfare series, Squad, and Ready or Not.

The game will be set during a fictional war called the Naiman. It’s located in a hostile country in the southeast that has borne witness to hundreds of thousands of people dying as a result of war crimes. The plot will revolve around Ghosts (your team) and they’ll infiltrate the warzone to carry out missions and locate the traitor.

Modern Warfare inspired

So now to the inspiration for the game – which is said to be taken from the Modern Warfare series, and there are going to be some potentially controversial missions in it. There is a rumor that one of the missions will show your squad nearly shooting a man who is holding a baby (the reason is because they thought the baby was a bomb) but they mercifully realize this at the last moment.

The new title also appears to be going back to its roots. In fact, unlike many of the recent games in the series, Project Over isn’t going to be a third-person shooter. There will in fact be a return to the original aim of the franchise which was to make it a squad-based military tactical shooter.

This first-person perspective sees the title also taking inspiration from some of the leading first-person military games, such as Battlefield, Squad, and Ready or Not.

Both these and also Modern Warfare have never been ones to shy away from controversial missions,  and their games have often shown such atrocities as terrorist attacks or active shooter situations unfolding. It’s rumored that the new Ghost Recon will cover other similarly dark topics like these and as the Naiman Warzone is explored and uncovered in full.

Improvements to graphics

 Finally, it can be revealed that there will also be a significant improvement in the graphics, compared to its predecessors. Reviewers party to the game so far have suggested it looks very much like Ready or Not in terms of its visual style – and the hope is, it’ll be just as realistic – and with VOID Interactive’s tactical SWAT title having also been developed as part of  Unreal Engine 4 and latterly later Unreal Engine 5 to capture the engine’s lighting power – it should make for a much more immersive and some might say horrifyingly real experience.

For fans of the Ghost Recon series hoping for a return to form, it should hopefully put their minds at rest and satisfy their curiosity – many felt let down after the poor reception of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

It remains to be seen what fans will really think when it comes out in either 2025 or 2026, but there’ll hopefully be a lot more information on the game’s release between now and then.