Overriding the Ghillie Suit
By Ruin

Published : 9th March 2002
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I've now decided to write some more complex skin tutorials for the more advanced skinner. Thanks to Ejl2001 at Elited.net, he pointed out a way to get rid of the ghillie suit for your standard soldier. The original tutorial can be found here . Anyway, I'm rewording it to make it a little easier to understand.

Ok, by now we all should know that for a character's skins you need the two most important files, the .chr which is the model its self, and the .rsb which is your actual skin. When you look at what to do its fairly easy. Make your mod folder (ghost recon\mods\mymod- call it what you want.) now make sure you have the character/allied folder in there. ok, good. Now go to your orgimiss\character\specialists folder, and copy these three files

  • Jack_Stone.chr
  • Jack_Stone_a.chr
  • Jack_Stone_b.chr

now paste them in your \mymod\character\allied folder. Now, do the same for the three .rsb files

  • jack_stone_body.rsb
  • jack_stone_head.rsb
  • jack_stone_head_blink.rsb

Great, you've completed the worst part, cool huh? Ok, now from here you have two choices, so before I get too detailed I'll give you a brief description of them.

One, play with the .atr file for the standard sniper (this requires a new folder in you mod folder and a text editor like notepad) or, you can just rename the .chr and .rsb files, but for this you have to use Mike Schell's Tex Swap.

Ok, I'll go with the renaming first. All you have to do here is rename the .chr to ica_us_sniper.chr and the rsb as ica_us_sniper_body.rsb (don't forget the a and b .chr files, and the _head and head__blink .rsb files) Now open up our chr files in the Tex Swap, select all of the textures, except HEAD, then click browse, and select ic_us_sniper.rsb and then ics_us_sniper_head.rsb for the HEAD.

OR, you can do this. (just a note, it's longer and takes up some space on your mod). Make a new folder in your mods\mymod folder called actor. Now make another one in that called sniper. Now copy all the .atr files from your \origmiss\actor\sniper folder into your new one. Okay, got it?

Now open up every single one and change that data to read:-

<ActorName>Charles Barr</ActorName>
<BlinkFaceName> jack_stone_head.rsb _blink.rsb</BlinkFaceName>
<ModelName> jack_stone.chr</ModelName>
<LOD2> jack_stone_a.chr</LOD2>
<LOD3> jack_stone_b.chr</LOD3>

Don't wanna have to do that for all forty files huh? Didn't think so. That's it! I've run through this myself, and have had no problems. Also, you can use this same technique to use a different model for any of the characters! It's the same process. For example, if you want the bad guys to use the Buzz Gordon model, follow the exact same process, only to the proper folders.

Thanks again to Ejl2001 from elited.net for pointing this out, and allowing me to redo his tutorial.


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