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Ghost Recon 3 PC Interview
By: Whiteknight
Published : 9th September, 2005
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Ghost Recon 3 : Advanced Warfighter GRIN Interview

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Final Thoughts

While GRIN is in the hot seat with development of GR:AW, Bo knows we are a hard lot to please and what he related to me shows that he and GRIN are working hard to give us a game that we skeptics want. In gaining this contract from Ubi, Bo met with Ubisoft's top management who basically said, do what you have to, and create a winner that the real fans will enjoy. From the destructible environments to the way a character moves, to the HUD, which is minimal at best as far as the outlines go and are forced into the corners of the monitor, to the general look of the game almost screams Ghost Recon. Sure, the build I saw was a pre-alpha build and needs some polishing, he told me that there are many things they still want to add. Much of it gamer requested. I want people to remember, if there are parts of the game you do not like, blame it on your fellow gamers as GRIN is going out of their way to incorporate as much as they can based on gamers input.

I want to note that while the PC version and console versions are different gameplay wise, the story will be similar for all versions this time. Mathieu noted that in Germany, gamers are more likely to be found on the PC than on consoles while the rest of Europe and the States are more console gamers. The marketers see that and that is how decisions for games are based on. Is that the right way to do business? I can’t say, I am not a business major. I am a gamer though, and I know what kind of game I like. I told him that even the GR console gamers want the same as the PC crowd wants, but again, the marketing guru’s see it a different way. My advice is, make your voice known that you to want a game that isn’t a watered down game.

I took most of these questions straight from the GR.net forums. It was 3 1/2 Notepad pages long, not to mention the other 3 pages of questions that I composed on a small legal type notepad right in front of Bo and Mathieu. If I didn’t use your question, I apologize, but as you can see, it was a rather large list of questions.

I want to thank Bo, Mathieu, Simon and all of Ubisoft for their time and allowing me so much free access. Of course setting up an interview with Game Face (German games magazine) for a documentary was a pleasant surprise. By having the chance to roam the press center, I was able to check out a few other booths and am looking to follow up on some interesting leads. I may have given Ubi a hard time, but they did show me that they are trying to think of the hardcore gamer and are willing to take the jabs that the community can take at them.

Most of all, I want to thank the community that listened to my comments when I compared Ubi and Coke. Everyone took my words to heart and started a movement that had a deep impact on the community at large and showed a large company that though we are a small minority in the grand scheme of things, if you make your voices heard in a positive way, they are willing to listen.


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