Desert Siege D06
Walkthrough By SOTO Mac
Published : 10 November 2002
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Spectre Wind
Adi K'eyih, Eritrea

Mission Hostiles
Mission Waypoints
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1. Retrieve Map of Minefields.
2. Neutralize Vehicle Pool.
3. Capture Warlord.
X. Reach Extraction Zone.


1 - Sniper
2 - Demolitions


Threat Assessment:
Hostiles : Approx. 35 --» 48 Enemy Troops ( Depending on Skill Level ) Plus Abate Himself.
Weaponry : AK47s , AK74s, GLs, and a few SVDs.
Hard Targets : Soviet Era BMP ( Located @ the Motor Pool ), Plus 2 Jeeps.
Kit Load-outs : Sniper w/ M98, M9 SD | Demolitions Spec. w/ M4, AT4.

For this Mission - I will detail Objectives In the Order that I see they need to be accomplished. This is so You and Your Team will always be able to launch these Assaults from a stable Base when using this SOP.

I went with only a Sniper and a Demo Specialist (2 Ops). I usually try to do them with 1 Operative but for this Walkthrough I've used 2 Operatives. There are many ways to accomplish these Individual Missions, and this Walkthrough is only Intended as a Guide. There are many other SOPs ( Standard Operating Procedures ) that will be just as effective as this one.

Objective #2 » Neutralize Vehicle Pool
Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 25 --> 30

Upon Insert move You and Your Team in a crouched manner to the right, and up the wash as It goes to the Southwest up the Rise. At the Top of the Rise You will see a Large Boulder sitting Erect on the Shelf approx. 30 meters ahead of You. Make Your way to this Rock and set Your Primary Hide on the right side of the Large Bolder with Your Demo Spec. pulling security to Your Teams rear in the Direction of the Motor Pool. Now - Heres where It gets fun for the Sniper. Once You begin to Scope Targets You'll note 6 Patrols plus 3 entrenched 60 Cal machine gun positions within Your Sight Line.

They are ;

- Patrol # 1 ( 3 Tangos ) Moving along the bowl of the Canyon @ the Middle of the Map.
- Patrol # 2 ( 3 Tangos ) That comes and meets Patrol # 1 at their Overlap point just short of the Ghost Town.
- Patrol # 3 ( 2 -» 3 Tangos ) that Patrol along a path just under Your Line of Sight, up and down the only Road on the Map.
- Patrol # 4 ( 3 Tangos ) This appears to be Abate's Personal Guard as there is only One Rifleman ( AK74 ) and 2 Snipers ( SVDs ). This Patrol moves along the side of the Commandered House, back and forth as it performs It's rounds.
- The 60 Calibre Machine Gun Nests will desgnated as #1, #2 & #3 on the Mission Waypoints Diagram. #1 and #2 are located on the North side of the Hill that the Commandered House sits upon.
- 60 Calibre Machine Gun Nest # 3 is located on the West side of the same Hill as both #1 and # 2 are.
- A 2 Man Patrol that Patrols the Northern Plateau ( Patrol #5 ).

Targeting Suggestions

- Eliminate Patrol #1 and Patrol #2 as they meet.
- Eliminate Patrol #3 as they attempt to Enage You and Your Team from the Road below You.

( ***NOTE*** | At the point that You begin the Shoot, You must be Quick about it and Dead-on. 2 Jeeps will begin to move down out of the Motor Pool area. They will come Into Your Team's line of sight from the right as they begin to come down the Road towards Your Position. You cannot afford to miss a Target @ this point. )

- Eliminate the Drivers of both Jeeps and You'll stop their Advance. Then, Its only a Matter of Picking off the Riders as they scramble for Cover around the Jeeps.
- Eliminate 60 Calibre Machine Gunners #1, 2, & 3.
- Eliminate Patrol #5.
- Eliminate Patrol #4 as they walk towards Your line of sight. Now make sure that You get these 3 Tangos quick as Its likely that 2 of the 3 will have SVDs and they do not miss more than once. They'll make Your day FUBAR real quick if You don't bag them.

Now that You've Eliminated most Resistance to Your advance on the Motor Pool. You and Your Demo Spec. should now use the Cliff face directly to Your right as a backing when You go up the Path to the Motor Pool. You'll begin to move Up the rise, but before going over it You'll need to give Your Demo. Spec. the room He needs to get an AT4 shot off to Knock out the BMP in the Motor Pool. This being said the Sniper should as He approaches the rise, attempt to look down to His left. He will see a 60 Cal Gunner approx. 70 meters off to His 1 O'clock. Dump this Tango and then give Your Demo Spec. the Go-Code to hit the BMP.

This show of Pyrotechnics will bring Tangos from the Motor Pool and up to Your Position. Stay steady and get ready for them by pulling back slightly and then setting the Team up to scope the Path ahead. Any tangos that Hit that Rise - You'll own. Continue around the Upper Ridge Path, making sure to always be wary of the Corners ahead of You. Uusually there is 1 solitary Tango waiting on the Ridge Path at the back of the Box canyon that the Motor Pool is located in. Have the Demo Spec. eliminate this Badguy with His M4, and then set the Sniper up where You've just bagged the Solitary Tango. The Sniper at this point should then Scope the Motor Pool area for additional Targets, and If any are found - Eliminate them.

Objective #1» Retrieve Map of Minefields.

Now that the Motor Pool is Neutralized and free of Hostiles, Its time to gather the Intelligence on the Enemy Minefield Operations. Make Your way back to the LZ the same way that You and Your Team used to Neutralize the Motor Pool. Once You reach the LZ, take Your Team up the wash to the Northeast where You eliminated Patrol #5 on the Plateau. When You get to that location there will be a Group of Tangos ( 3 ) that will assault Your Position up on the Rise as they come from the Ghost Town. Be ready for them and You'll do alright. Now once this Roaming Patrol is eliminated You should egress from the Plateau and head off to Your left. This will take You down another wash that leads to the back of the Ghost Town and right into the Area where the INTEL is being housed. The INTEL is housed in a Construction trailer at the back end of the Ghost Town and it is the second in line from where Your team should be ( If they've followed this SOP ).

As You come down the Wash You will note that there are 2 Tangos on Roaming Patrol. Use the Sniper to Eliminate these 2 Tangos and then Hold. There is a Jeep on the Far side of the INTEL Trailer as well as one that Is located in the Ghost Town. Make Your way down the Wash to the end of the Cliff face. Only go so far as Cliff face before the Open area just short of the 1st Trailer. At this point Scope for Targets and if there are any - Take them using the Sniper for Long Range and Your Demo. Spec. as a Medium to short distance shooter. Continue to Scope the Area and You'll see other Tangos on Roaming Patrol. Bag them as they present.

As soon as You engage the Jeeps ( Which You will have to do to get into the Trailers ) 2 Tangos will come from the Far side of the INTEL Trailer and try to engage You. Have Your Demo. Spec. cover the Left as You take out the Jeep that is down in the Ghost Town. Be wary as a Tango will at this point try to move on Your Team by using the Rear of the Trailers as cover. When He presents - Bag Him as well.

Once You've Eliminated any Roamers - Doubletime it so that You and the Demo Spec. both go up and into the first trailer. This location is a Great base to scan the Area for Hostiles and engage them if necessary. The trailer will afford the Team protection they would not otherwise have had. Use it to Your Advantage and clear the Area of any remaining Hostiles that may try to engage You and Your Team.

Now its time to move on the INTEL Trailer. Move to just outside of the 1st Trailer's open door, and allow Your Demo Spec. to set up with the AT4. Once set - Fire an HE round right through the Trailer's window closest to You. This will effectively Eliminate any Tangos in the Trailer and should allow Your Team to gather the required INTEL. ( Note - You need to walk up and Touch the Table so the INTEL will be awarded to the Team. )

Objective #3 » Capture Warlord ( Abate ).

This is perhaps the easiest part of this whole Mission. Move You and Your Team to the right away from the Construction Trailers towards the Shanties just Northeast of the Commandered House that Abate is Holed up in. Set up Your Shoot with the Sniper facing the House on the Hill, while the Demo Spec. keeps an eye left for any Tangos roaming the Bowl to the Left of the Team.

You'll be presented with a Tango manning a 60 Calibre Machine gun on the backside of the Commandeered House that Abate is in. Dump Him with extreme Prejudice and then Hold. This will prompt a Roamer that will come around the backside of the House looking for the Shooter. Immediately dump Him as well. The BOOM of that M98 should eventually produce for You some curious Tangos that You'll need to bag as soon as they present. All the while You are doing this Shoot - The Demo Spec. should be eyes left in case a Tango comes over the small rise located just a few meters to the left of Your Team. If he does - Bag Him, and If not be prepared to do so as You progress to the House.

Once the Area appears to be clear of Hostiles - Move You and Your Team to the Left over the small rise, making sure to keep the Cliff face to Your backs as You move around the Bowl inbehind the Commandeered House where Abate is Holed up. If there was a Tango in this Bowl then the Demo Spec. should eliminate Him, as the Sniper is Loaded-out with the M98 and M9SD only.

At this point the Team does a slow arc all the way around the back of the Commandeered House keeping eyes on the House as they do so. 2 tangos will present at the back of the House near to a 60 Cal Machine gun nest on the south side of the House. Bag them. and then proceed up to the Cliff face on the south Side of the House across the road. Scope towards the House and grounds and if after a few minutes no Tangos present - Its Breach Time.

Double-Time it as fast as possible to the South side of the House and Hold at the Outside Wall. Move slowly around the back the way You'd initially come and then go around the North side of the House and set up before the Windows so You will not present Yourself as a Target through them.

Abate is the Figure inside of the House that is drinking what appears to be a Can of Coke, whereas the BodyGuards that he has - Do not. I peeked the Window and then Had the Demo Spec. cover the Door. As I Peeked and shot the first Guard the Second one ran out the door and was taken out by the Demo Spec. We then cautiously entered the House to find Abate whimpering that He'd Given up.

Objective Four - Reach the Extraction Point

We then picked up the Package (s) and made Our way to extract VIA the back side of the House and then to the Extract zone located on the Road, directly behind the House. Remeber that as You move to secure a Soft Target for transport, One Member - AT LEAST - Must Scope the way ahead and cover the Team and the Package, while another Team Member must cover the Package (s) making sure that the Move to Extract is as Close as possible, to a Line of Sight path for the Team.

(Note - Eliminating all Tangos on the Map will produce a Successful Mission as soon as Abate gives up. This makes it not necessary to proceed to Extract in that type of a SITU. NOT Bagging them ALL however, will force You and Your Team to get Him out safely without being harmed by his own forces.)

Tips and Strategies

  • This walk-through was played on elite. If you play either of the other two difficulty levels, you can expect less enemy encounters.
  • There are a few snipers strategically placed on the map. Use your Optics to scan any area you are about to travel to, and always stay low. AI Snipers won't miss if they get a shot.
  • Look at the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram to obtain an estimate of where you can expect to encounter bad guys. The exact position, movement and encounter with the enemy forces depends on many variables, so it may vary slightly. Don't panic, Improvise.
  • Move cautiously. Don't stand up unless you are certain an area You are about to enter is clear. At a minimum, kneel when traversing to different areas. When holding, go into the Prone position.
  • Use the environment, the Enemy does. Given the terrain, there are areas where you can have a height advantage/disadvantage. Select your position carefully. Many of the Enemy troops are well hidden and waiting to get a bead on you.
  • If you're new to Ghost Recon, and you're getting discouraged...use the quicksave and quickload feature. If you're a Pro...try it with no saves, no threat indicator and complete ALL of the objectives.