Gamma Dawn D05
Walkthrough By SOTO Mac
Published : 18 October 2002
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Gamma Dawn
Entail Desert, Ethiopia

Mission Objectives
Mission Waypoints
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1. Place Charges at 3 Aurora Wreckages
2. Secure the Enemy Base.
3. Reach Extraction Zone
X. Secure Supply Depot


1 - Sniper
2 - Demolitions


Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 30 - 35 Tangos (Depends on Level of Difficulty).
Firepower: AK47s, AK74SUs, and a Couple of SVDs and Grenades. There are also 2 - 60 Caliber Machine Gun Nests manned by 2 Tangos @ the Enemy Base.

I went with only a Sniper and a Demo Specialist, as this is the way I do most missions (2 Ops). In fact, I usually try to do them with 1 Operative but for this Walkthrough I've used 2 Operatives. There are many ways to accomplish these Individual Missions, and this Walkthrough is only Intended as a Guide. There are many other SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that will be as effective as this one, but those Walkthroughs are for those People to Describe.

Objective One - Destroy "Aurora" Wreckage

- Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 5 Tangos on Patrol.

- The Aurora Wreckage is strewn about a Gorge, in Enemy Territory. Upon Insert at the Landing Zone (Designated as "LZ" on the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram), My Demo Specialist and I Immediately Double-timed It up the Wash behind the LZ. Now - Located at the top of this Wash is a small flat Plateau where You and Your Demo Specialist can set up a "Primary Hide" (Designated as "PH" on the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram) to scan the Gorge for Hostiles. If you are patient a small patrol of 5 Tangos will stroll in from the far end of the Gorge to Your right. We waited until they absolutely had no means of escape close enough at hand to help them and then the Sniper let it Rip. 5 Dead Tangos...

- At this Point I instructed My Demo Specialist to move down into the Gorge and Place Det. Pack # 1 (Designated as "1" on the "Mission Objectives" Diagram). Make sure You have the Demo Specialist hot-foot it back to Your Sniper's 20, as The placement of the 1st Det. Pack will prompt 2 Hostiles to come running down the Gorge's Embankment by the Bridge. Additionally - If you stay at the 1st Placement Site, You will blow yourself up as the Det. Pack detonates itself on a Time Delayed Fuse. The Sniper should be Scoped in on the far embankment as the Demo Specialist moves back to the Sniper's 20. This will allow the Sniper to acquire and take the 2 Hostiles out as they run down the Embankment to the 1st piece of Aurora Wreckage. This will in effect cover Your Demo Spec.'s egress back to your position.

- Once the 2 Hostiles that came down the Embankment have been Dumped, Instruct the Demo Spec. to move to the 2nd piece of Aurora Wreckage ( Designated as 2 on the "Mission Objectives" Diagram ) while at the same time You as the Sniper move farther right, along the escarpment to cover Your Demo Spec. as He places the Det. Pack at the 2nd piece of Aurora Wreckage. In order for the 2nd Det. Pack to be safely detonated - Move Your Demo Spec. a safe distance away from the 2nd piece of Wreckage and then over to the Cliff face just short of the Access Road, that goes up from the Gorge to the 3rd piece of Aurora Wreckage on the Plateau.

- This leaves the 3rd and last piece of Aurora Wreckage to be destroyed. As the Demo Spec. is safely placed at the Access Road that goes up from the Gorge to the 3rd piece of Aurora Wreckage on the Plateau. All that is necessary is for the Sniper to move right once again from the Primary Hide on the escarpment to a Position Directly across from the 3rd piece of Aurora Wreckage. From this Position - The Sniper should be able to see an Enemy Technician dismantling parts off of the 3rd piece of Wreckage. Once you drop Him, another Enemy Technician from the other side of the Aurora's Wing will come into View. Dump Him as well. Once both Targets are down - Hold static for approx. 30 seconds to see if you've attracted any more Hostiles. If not - Move to close ranks with the Demo Spec. at the Gorge Road. From there both Operatives can then move to the top of the rise where the Demo Spec. can then place the 3rd and last Det. Pack( Designated as 3 on the "Mission Objectives" Diagram ). Both Operatives should then move away from the Wreckage once the 3rd Det. Pack is placed as it will detonate on a Timed Delay, as have the previous 2.

Bonus Objective - Secure the Supply Depot

- This is a tricky situation and should be handled with care. Once You and Your Demo Spec. have split up and have moved to the 2 rocks, on the Gorge side of the Road in front of the Supply Depot - You'll note a Patrol of 3 Tangos moving from the back of the Supply Depot to the Front of it.

- At the very same time there is a Lone Tango patrolling the left side of the Supply Depot. Both the Solitary Tango and the 3 man Patrol of Tangos MUST be Eliminated A.S.A.P. once You begin to engage them. This must be done quickly as 2 Jeeps will come rolling onto the Map from the Right Side road that runs past the Supply Depot (See "Mission Waypoints" Diagram). Have Your Sniper aim for the Drivers of both Vehicles as First Targets, and once they've been eliminated the Team can then concentrate on eliminating the Riders. If the Drivers of both Vehicles are not eliminated, the Jeeps will continue down the Road to the Enemy Base and call for Reinforcements once they arrive there.

- Once the Supply Depot has been secured, move Your Team up behind the Supply Depot where You will find 2 tangos on Patrol in the Bowl. Eliminate them and then move to the Cliff face opposite the left side of the Supply Depot in preparation for engaging the Enemy Base.

Objective Two - Secure the Enemy Base

- Following the Waypoints as designated in the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram, both the Sniper and the Demo Spec. should set up using the previously mentioned Cliff face as well as the Ruined Lean-to directly in front of it as Cover. Once both Operatives are set, It will be noted that there is a Patrol of 5 Tangos moving across the Plateau in front of the Enemy Base as well as 1 Tango manning a 60 Caliber Machine gun on one of the Parapets at the Enemy's Base. At this point and at the same time - The Sniper should take out the Tango manning the 60 Caliber in the Parapet, and once done that attempt to take out the remaining members of the Enemy Patrol that the Demo Spec. may have Missed. Whereas once the Sniper starts shooting the Demo Spec. should then Task the Enemy Patrol in an effort to eliminate them. Both of these efforts need to go off at the same time from both Operatives. This will then have the effect of causing the Tangos to be so busy as to not have enough time to bring suppressive fire down upon You and Your Team - Effectively Pinning You down until their Reinforcements arrive.

- Once You've eliminated the Patrol and the Sentry manning the 60 in the Parapet, take Your Team around in a Flanking manoeuvre towards the Bridge and then behind the shantytown. Your Team will note that there are 3 Tangos in the Shantytown that will have to be taken out. 2 are strolling around a Bonfire while the other is approx. 30 Meters away on the other side of the Town facing the Enemy Base. I personally took these Badguys from the Nearest of the Buildings (about 100 Meters away) on Our angle of Approach with the M24SWS. We then waited for the Last Tango to be Inquisitive. He was, and He was sorry for it.

- Now that the Tangos in the Shanty Town are eliminated You and Your Team can now move to the Large Sand Dune left of the Enemy Base's Front. From here the Sniper and the Demo Spec. will split up. Once the Sniper takes the 60 Gunner in the remaining Parapet, the Demo Spec. should then Double-time it to the Base's wall. He should then set up on the Left side corner and wait for the Sniper to come down to the Demo Spec.'s position, all the while covering the Sniper as He makes his way to the Demo Spec.'s position.

- Once both Operatives are at the Left side Corner of the Base wall, move out in single file watching for a Tango or Tangos that may be waiting in the Interior Courtyard. Once the Opposition to Your Efforts in the Courtyard is eliminated, move up to the Command Center. One Tango is on Patrol inside and can be dropped without even going into the Structure. Simply back out from the Window - All the While checking Your angle on the Windows. When you've moved out sufficiently enough to Scope the Windows and Interior well - Acquire Him and then Dump Him. The second Tango in the Command Center can be taken in this fashion as well. All you need do is to move to the left and sight in the Opposite window. The Tango will present Himself, and you can then take Him through the second window at that time. The Command Center should now be clean.

- At this point you should move Your Sniper behind the Command Center while moving Your Demo Spec. around the front and to the Middle of the Courtyard between the Command Center, and the Tarp-covered shed to It's right. There may be a Tango present in this shed so make sure that you and Your Team slice the Pie on this one. Have Your Demo man set to Assault ROE and tell Him to Hold at the backside entry to the Shed. Check Your Corners and move through the shed until it is clear. Once this shed is cleared and subsequently the Base Proper - It's time for EXTRACT...

Objective Three - Reach the Extraction Point

- Tango Zulu Niner 8981 / Mama Bear to CP..
» CP to Mama Bear - Over..
- Request Extract at Previously Designated Co-ordinates - Over..
» Copy that Mama Bear / Hold..
» (Whiz burrrrrrrrrrrr zikzik.. ) ETA - Extraction 2 minutes / How Hot is Primary LZ ? ? / Do You Copy that Mama Bear ??
- Copy that CP - Primary Extract is Green, I repeat Green / Moving to Extraction Point..
» Roger that Mama Bear - CP out this net.

- Once You and Your Team have cleared out the Enemy Base camp, Its time to Book and make that Helo. Check Your Corners because you're never out until you're crackin' a Bud back at the CP (Hehe).

- Move the Team to the Break in the Base wall just left of the Tarp-covered shed, and as you and the Demo Spec. begin to run towards the Extraction Point ( Designated as "EZ" on the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram ) keep Your Eyes both Left and Right - 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock until both You and the Demo Spec. reach the Extraction point just opposite the Jeep at the far end of the Bridge.

You get there and Its - Good Job...

Tips and Strategies

  • This walk-through was played on elite. If you play either of the other two difficulty levels, you can expect less enemy encounters.
  • There are a few snipers strategically placed on the map. Use your Optics to scan any area you are about to travel to, and always stay low. AI Snipers won't miss if they get a shot.
  • Look at the "Mission Waypoints" Diagram to obtain an estimate of where you can expect to encounter bad guys. The exact position, movement and encounter with the enemy forces depends on many variables, so it may vary slightly. Don't panic, Improvise.
  • Move cautiously. Don't stand up unless you are certain an area You are about to enter is clear. At a minimum, kneel when traversing to different areas. When holding, go into the Prone position.
  • Use the environment, the Enemy does. Given the terrain, there are areas where you can have a height advantage/disadvantage. Select your position carefully. Many of the Enemy troops are well hidden and waiting to get a bead on you.
  • If you're new to Ghost Recon, and you're getting discouraged...use the quicksave and quickload feature. If you're a Pro...try it with no saves, no threat indicator and complete ALL of the objectives.