Desert Siege D04
Walkthrough By SOTO Mac
Published : 10 November 2002
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Quiet Angel
Tigray Kilil, Ethiopia


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1. Secure Rocket Launcher
2. Secure Rocket Launcher
3. Defend All Friendly Trucks
X. Eliminate All Enemy Units


1 Sniper Specialist

Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 30 - 45 Tangos (Depending on Level of Difficulty).
Firepower: AK47s, AK74SUs, SVDs, PKMs as well as 2 RPG7s. There is also 1 - 50 Calibre Machine Gun Nest manned by 1 Tango at the Ruined Villiage.

I went with only a Sniper and Our Team's Unis / Character / Weapons Mod - "SPV4 ", as this is the way I do most missions (1 OP). SPV4 is not required, but you can download SPV4 here. There are many ways to accomplish these Individual Missions, and this Walkthrough is only Intended as an example Guide. There are many other SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that will be just as effective as this one.

Objective One - Secure Rocket Launcher Site 1.
Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 15 Tangos.

- Once you've been Inserted you'll start off on the Left side of the Convoy as it begins to move out. As soon as the Mission starts - you must Doubletime It up the Wash to the right of the Insert. Once you reach the Plateau up top, again Double-Time to the Outcrop of Rocks to your 12 O'clock. Make sure that as you advance to this Outcrop that you conceal your Advance to It using the Rocks and the one stand of trees to arrive there safely. Once you are to the Rocks, get into a Crouched Position and get ready to take out the Patrol of 5 Tangos directly to your 12. Once you've eliminated this Patrol - you must Double-Time it up to the Plateau past where you eliminated the 5 man Enemy Patrol. Once there get set up on the Ridge in the Prone Posn. Below you on the Road where it comes to It's first bend, will be a Patrol of 3 Tangos as well as a Tango manning a 60 Cal. LMG. Eliminate this Patrol of 3 Tangos and then take the 60 Gunner.

- On the Plateau across from your Position at this time you'll see a Patrol of approx. 5 Tangos. Eliminate them as well and once you've done that - Double-time it down the Closest wash and back onto the Road. Do this in enough time so as to ensure that you get ahead of the Convoy to cover them.

- When you go to move in front of the Convoy as it rounds the Bend, you must keep an eye above you to the Ridge you last cleared. There are at times 6 Tangos instead of the Usual 5 up there, and If there is a 6th when you task that Patrol - The 6th Tango will conceal Himself until He feels He can get a good RPG shot off at the convoy. Simply go right of the Road and Up the wash as you finish rounding the first bend. As you move backwards you'll see the Top of His Head. When you do see the Top of His Head - He should be dead quickly after that. This should produce a Completed OB # 1 for you once this Tango is down.

Objective - Secure Rocket Launcher Site 2
Hostiles in this Area approx. 20 Tangos.

- Now that you've eliminated those Specific Enemy Forces, Double-time it down the Right side Ridge all the way until you are just across the Rock separating you from the Ruined Villiage where the 60 Cal. is mounted. It is at this Point that you'll see another Patrol of approx. 6 Tangos moving back and forth from the Villiage to the Ruined Bridge. Task this Patrol and Eliminate them with Extreme Prejudice as soon as they Present. Be wary - If some Tangos escape the Initial Assault, they will try to back door you on the other side of the Rock. Keep your Head on a Swivel there, and you should be able to make it to completing the Next OB...

- Once you've eliminated the Villiage Patrol scope forward to the wash that goes up from the Road to the Plateau on the Left side of the Road past the Second bend. On the wash about 3/4s of the way up, you'll see the Second and Final Tango w/ RPG7. From where you are this Tango can be seen and eliminated. Do so, and then Move down the Ruined Bridge path that goes down to the Road. Again make sure that you get in front of that Convoy.

- As you move forward in front of the Convoy stay right using the Cliff wall as cover and concealment. Now, that being said - As you progress down the Road in front of the Convoy - you'll come across another Patrol of 3 Tangos in the Middle of the Road. Drop the 1st one, and if Possible the other 2 Immediately thereafter. If you miss the other 2 Tangos, Prepare to move up as they use the Cliff face to shield their egress from the Road. Once you've eliminated this Road Patrol move to the Corner of the Cliff face on the right.

- Scope farther down the Road and you'll see a Static group of 3 Tangos standing guard in the Middle of the Road again. As you shoot the 1st Tango the other 2 will attempt to escape to the right, and out of your Line of Sight. Do not allow this to happen by putting a shell in close to their Position to make them Hunker down. Once they do that then you have them.

- Slowly move up now - Making sure to stay to the right and as soon as both Tangos Present - Eliminate them.

- Now you must Double-time it up the Wash where you eliminated the Second RPG Gunner and take a right as you reach the Top. Ahead of you on Patrol you will see 5 Tangos moving to Intercept the Convoy. Again - Put a Shell into one of the Tangos If possible and this will stunt their advance to meeting with the Convoy. Wait for 10 Seconds for an Enemy to present and if they do not, then Double-time it up to the Rocks just in front of where you tasked this Patrol first off.

- Be sure to keep that Head on a Swivel as you search for these Tangos. When I was doing this Mission they came at Me from both sides of the Rock once I got there, and I had to do some fancy footwork to get outta there alive. I did though and they didn't...

Objective Three - Defend All Friendly Trucks.
Hostiles in this Area approx. 6 Tangos.

- Once this Patrol is Eliminated - It's a walk in the Park as you watch the Convoy Progress along underneath you to the Finish of the Mission. It was at this Point - As I was Scoping across the Road watching the Convoy Progress - That I saw a Lone Tango manning the 60 Cal. in the Ruined Villiage.

Bonus Objective X - Eliminate all Enemy Units.

- Hostiles in your Line of Sight / 1 Tango @ Ruined Villiage.

- He was totally Oblivious to My Presence or the Fact that the Convoy had made It successfully to the End of the Mission. He knew absolutely nothing as a .308 Calibre Shell ripped through His head just behind His Right Ear at the back of His Head.

- As He slumped forward and fell to the Ground - I was able to watch all OBs being listed as Completed, and this Mission ending on a Successful note.

Tips and Strategies

  • This walk-through was played on elite. If you play either of the other two difficulty levels, you can expect less enemy encounters.
  • There are a few snipers strategically placed on the map. Use your Optics to scan any area you are about to travel to, and always stay low. AI Snipers won't miss if they get a shot.
  • Look at the " Mission Objectives " Diagram to obtain an estimate of where you can expect to encounter bad guys. The exact position, movement and encounter with the enemy forces depends on many variables, so it may vary slightly. Don't panic, Improvise.
  • Move cautiously. Don't stand up unless you are certain an area you are about to enter is clear. At a minimum, kneel when traversing to different areas. When holding, go into the Prone position.
  • Use the environment, the Enemy does. Given the terrain, there are areas where you can have a height advantage/disadvantage. Select your position carefully. Many of the Enemy troops are well hidden and waiting to get a bead on you.
  • If you're new to Ghost Recon, and you're getting discouraged...use the quicksave and quickload feature. If you're a Pro...try it with no saves, no threat indicator and complete ALL of the objectives.



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