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Modder Spotlight: Sixpence
By: Giwex
Published : 29th September 2004
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September 2004: Sixpence

Sixpence is without any doubt the most prolific modder for Ghost Recon: every couple of months he releases a new mod for the community. Let's talk to him:

The Hot Seat

Q. Personal data? Age, Location, status, job....

A: I’m 38, from Vienna Austria.  I currently work for a newspaper but I don’t think the community would be interested in the color of my socks.  ;-)

Q. When did you start to play GR? Modding?

I started playing from the moment it was shipped.  I started modding about 3 months later, without ANY modding skills! The reason I began modding was I saw the Ghosts operating behind enemy lines and all they had was a small butt pack.  That was ridiculous for me; I wanted to have BIG backpacks!

Q. You are for sure the most prolific modder in the community? What's your favourite mod?

You mean one of mine or other Mod Work?  If you mean one of mine, its always the Mod I am currently working on …but I love all my kids.  GR is THE game I wanted to have for a long time.  I previously played MECHWARRIOR, HEAVY GEAR and other kinds of tactical games; but it was my big wish to have this type of game with Grunts!

Q. Can you tell us how do you arrange to make such big mods? In which way do you work?

The Joke in this case is I don’t make Mods for others.  I make Mods for myself.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I am very happy if someone else enjoys it too. (Even if its only one person, that’s good too.  ; -)) But I think, “Hey, this Unit/Story would be great, I wanna play with them/this”.  And if you enjoy your work, then it will be good.

First of all, I have an idea for a Story, or more often … a Unit. I think, the Story you want to tell (for a Mission campaign) is the most important part. Usually I think about the Story for a few weeks and put it down on paper.  … Next I search the Maps.  Are they available?  Or hopefully I can find a Modder for Mapmaking!  After that I do the Artwork, search Maps, Background Information.  Desktop Research! Before I begin to script, the Mod is “finished” in my mind. All I need to do is type it in IGOR. Finally, I check, or my teammates check, that the Missions are real, possible and correctly scripted.

Q. Is there something you cannot do in a mod? Any regrets?

I only have basic skills in 3DSM.

Q. But, and this is a question from the community I believe, do you have time for your personal life?

Sure! I work 2-3 hours a day. It’s a case of Discipline!

Q. Looking at the background of your mods I can see that they are all based in very recent and actual conflicts.  It seems you are very interested in the world situation. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from newspapers and movies like “Bravo 2-0” or “Tears of the Sun”. I get a “feeling” from them and I then try to transfer it into a Mod.

Q. It seems that time for 'retirement' is coming also for you. Any new projects before you say goodbye?

Yes, a little break would be fine … but I have so many ideas. I think my last project will be EAGLE CLAW, a really fine work from my team and me.

Q. Finally: is there a specific modder you consider a very high level modder? Who?

Hmm, one of the very good things in GR is, we have a lot of high-level modders. Most of my work would not have been possible without their help, especially in weapons and mapmaking.

Q. Carried on question (By Streinger): If you have to take only a sidearm, what would you choose: a 9mm pistol with more ammo capacity or '45 with less ammo but, in lot of people's opinion, better stopping power?

My preferred sidearm is 10mm Glock ! More stopping power than a 9mm and faster than a 45mm


And Streinger's question to our next modder in the Hot Seat


Sorry but, even if Sixpence is a wonderful modder, he is not able to think any question for the next interview...


Sixpence's Mods

For further information go to Sixpence's website


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