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If you missed out on the brilliant Ghost Recon Wildlands and are feeling a little lost on the Breakpoint backstory here’s a breakdown on the Ghost Recon Wildlands story leading into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Obligatory spoiler warning – the following describes Wildlands plot details and endings!

The Ghosts were sent to Bolivia due to the rise of the Santa Blanca drug cartel led by El Sueno. Their secret mission “Kingslayer” was led by Nomad who took Weaver, Holt and Midas through a series of missions to dismantle the cartel.

The Ghosts were supported by intelligence officer Karen Bowman who directed them to make contact with the leader of the local resistance force. From here the Wildlands plot takes the Ghosts through Itacua, Ocoro, and the beautiful area of Montuyoc.

Here they discover that a fellow American, called Carl Bookhart had been training cartel fighters. The Ghosts are tasked with eliminating the ex Army Ranger, and the mission completes with his death deep in an underground mine.

When the Ghosts finally track El Sueno down the Wildlands story comes to an end when he is eliminated by Bowman, in direct contravention of orders to escort El Sueno back the the USA. In this plot twist El Sueno negotiated immunity and protection in return for informing on other cartels, providing the CIA and DoJ with invaluable intelligence. Bowman, in full knowledge of the atrocities he had committed (including murdering DEA agent Ricky Sandoval) gave up her own freedom and murdered El Sueno effectively writing her own demise.

There is a second ending however, which depends on how successful the Ghosts were at dismantling the cartel before this final showdown. In this scenario El Sueno is taken alive and used as an informant by the CIA, much to the disgust of the Bowman and the Ghosts.

So where does the much hyped Cole Denholm Walker come in to the Wildlands story?

It’s not until Ubisoft released the Operation Oracle DLC that Walker was weaved into the Wildlands plot. Looking back, Ubisoft even dropped a clue in there that this could be the start of something bigger…

When Breakpoint starts, only Nomad and Holt survive an attack and make it into the new Breakpoint plot line, featuring a new enemy in the form of an ex Ghost Cole Denholm Walker….