Robin Sage SFQC
by Rocky
Published : 18 June 2003
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The following report entitled "Robin Sage SFQC - Field Training Exercise (FTX)" is a copy of a report originally appearing on, which is now offline. No claim is made for ownership of the following report, if you know the original author please let us know so appropriate credit can be given.

This report is presented as an appendix to a 3 part report by zjj and Jester on the expectations of Ghost Recon 2, in advance of its official announcement by Ubi Soft. That 3 part report starts here.

More reading on Robin Sage can be found in this PDF file which contains the following summary...

Robin Sage. Robin Sage is a 24-hour-a-day, 14-day exercise in which the teams perform many of the activities that operational SF teams are required to perform. This includes infiltrating covertly into a `hostile' area, maneuvering covertly through rugged terrain, executing multiple combat actions and patrols, establishing contact and rapport with guerrilla forces, and arming and training the guerrilla forces to execute multiple combat missions

Robin Sage SFQC - Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Welcome to "Pineland"

Robin Sage is a 19-day problem-solving field training exercise (FTX) that takes place in the notional country of Pineland. During this unconventional warfare (UW) exercise, the Special Forces student is required to apply the lessons learned from his previous months of Special Forces MOS and field training.

The Robin Sage FTX is designed to exercise the skills taught in the Special Forces Qualification Course. Officer and noncommissioned officer students are formed into Special Forces operational detachment-A (ODA) teams and evaluated on their conduct of a UW mission in Pineland.

This exercise involves approximately 100 Special Forces students, 100 counter-insurgent personnel (OPFOR), 200 guerrilla personnel, 40 auxiliary personnel, and 50 cadre. Except for the auxiliary, all personnel are Active Duty military. It ranges over approximately 50,000 square miles at a cost of nearly $49,000.

At the onset of this exercise the students are placed in isolation for 5 days. They are issued an operations order and begin the intense planning process and study required to execute their detachment's mission during the FTX.

On day 5 of the exercise, the final day of "isolation," the detachment presents its plan in a "brief back" to the battalion command and staff. The detachment will explain, in detail, how the ODA commander intends to execute the mission.

On day 6 the students make an airborne infiltration into the country of Pineland to link up with the guerrilla force and be in the execution phase of the Robin Sage FTX.

After linkup, the ODAs begin their task of training, advising, and assisting the guerrillas in a UW environment. The training will exercise the various specialties organic to each ODA: weapons, communications, medical, and demolitions. This training will enable the guerrillas to begin the process of liberating their country from oppression.

At the conclusion of the Robin Sage FTX, the student will have been placed in many situations where he will have been required to use his leadership abilities, MOS skills, and his ability to work in adverse and austere conditions.