GRAW Bundle Extractor
By: Beers
Published : 31 May 2006

The Bundle Extractor was created by Nemon for the purpose of unbundling the core GR:AW files. Read this report by Beers to learn now to unpack the GR:AW files ready for modding.

.net framework 2.0 
How To Use
READ the whole thing don't be lazy!
Part 1 (this is for people who want to obtain/ edit the xmls)
1. Download the Bundle extractor and .net framework from the above links.
2. The file you downloaded is an extracter
3. PLACE IT INTO Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Bundles
4. Double click on the bundlereader.exe and Open quick.bundle

5. Extract files into a new folder
6. Once extracted rename default quick.bundle to quick1.bundle (this allows the game to read off of a folder you are about to create)

7. Next go to the DEFAULT directory of you GRAW folder and make a BACKUP of your data folder...
8. OPEN THE NEW quick.bundle folder (the folder you extracted!), inside copy all of the files and the new data folder into the GRAW directory

9. Now that you have your new data folder you need to open up the OLD data folder and copy those files (the new one is lacking movie files, etc) and paste them into the NEW data folder.

10. Now your game loads off of the NEW data folder.

Part 2 (this is for people who just want to use the xmls)

1. Make a gui folder inside your data folder, located in the Graw directory
2. Paste any modded .xmls in there (you have to use the right paths)any confusion go here:

Notes (mostly for part 1)
data\setting\camera_settings.xml is the folder containing the camera option for third person
data\textures\has textures for weapons, geometry, playermodels, etc
data\textures\atlas_characters\ghost_team\diffuse has the ghost textures
set 0 = bodyset
set 1 = helmet
You need photoshop tools from nvidia to open the textures get them:

You must not save work in layers (if you do save it to jpeg or something to get rid of the layers, then save it back as dds) and save as dxt5!!

ALSO only edit textures in the diffuse folders the other folder is for bump maps (messing with that is no good in less you know what your doing!)
Your game may load slower as a result of doing Part 1 but you can mod this game a lot so do it!