Parabellum Interview by Rocky
Published : 29th December 2003
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Hi Parabellum

Thanks for granting us this interview, hopefully it will explain some of what DYNACOMP is about and explode some myths.

It's pretty clear you are aiming to take Ghost Recon somewhere totally new, making the whole experience much more involved than simply completing missions, so let's get started!

For fans who are hearing about DYNACOMP for the first time, can you fill us in on who is working on this project, and how long it has been in development?

Parabellum : Right now, our team is very large, with over 20 people working on the mod. Our current line up is:

  • Myself
  • BajaBravo
  • DonMiguel
  • El Oso
  • Cobra6
  • Whisper_44
  • WardenMac
  • Marcinko
  • Argyll
  • Viper
  • SkyJockey
  • Swartsz
  • Matt03
  • Snared_Gambit
  • Monkey (formerly of Alpha Squad)
  • Nexus (also formerly of Alpha Squad)
  • n4cement
  • Mot73
  • Dr. Jeckyl
  • Javaman
  • Ruin
  • CQB (also known as F'n New Guy)
  • ReconSnake

The mod has been in development for about four months now. Much of that time has been spent in R&D, as well as proof-of-concept mini-mods. One question that I get asked alot, is "Why do you capitalize DYNACOMP?" The answer is that DYNACOMP is an acronym, and, as such, should be capitalized.

Which category will DYNACOMP fall into, is it a weapons mod, a total conversion, or new maps?

Parabellum : DYNACOMP is really not a mod that can be classified, in my opinion. The best way to describe it would be a total conversion, but what we're hoping to do goes far beyond that. It will almost be like a new game, based on the Ghost Recon engine. While we do have nice looking skins and weapons, the mod isn't about eye candy. It's about a new style of gaming, that goes far beyond shooting your enemy. It's going to be a thinking-man's mod.

Sounds like you are setting out to break new ground with this mod, what exactly is your objective in this respect, and what can fans expect to see in this mod they have never seen before in a GR mod?

Parabellum : When I first conceived this project, I really had two goals in mind:

  • I wanted to immerse the player in a world that blurs the line between the game world and reality
  • I wanted to create a new way to look at Ghost Recon. The engine offers alot more than just putting six men on the ground, and shooting everything that moves. I wanted to give people an opportunity to feel like they're really in the Army, and give them options as to what path to take. We're going to give people the opportunity to go to Ranger School, sniper school, and, if they can earn it, SFAS. Our campaigns are set up to take advantage of these opportunities.

What aspect of this new system is the team especially excited about?

Parabellum : That's a tough one to answer. I think that the most celebrated thing, is the depth of the story line. With most mods, there's a basic story, which is usually something like "Russia invaded this poor little country. Go and blow up the bad guys." DYNACOMP's story line is much, much deeper than that. With each mission, and each bit of information uncovered, you'll discover that the plot is much deeper than you can imagine, and, as the plot thickens, you'll have the opportunity to do things that are outside the scope of normal Ghost Recon missions. I guess the best way to describe our plot, would be to imagine yourself slapped down into the middle of a Tom Clancy novel.

Recently in the GR.net forums you held a cryptic competition which was won by Wolfsong. What was the idea behind that, and did it give us an indication of what is in store for fans playing the mod?

Parabellum : The idea behind the competition was two-fold.

On one hand, I wanted to increase interest in the mod. On the other, I wanted to give people a taste of what's in store.

For example, some of our missions are going to be based outside of Ghost Recon.

The player may be asked to "hack into" a computer system that's been set up just for the game, and retrieve some sensitive "information" that will be encrypted. They'll need that information to go further into the game.

So, in a sense, yes, that competition gave people a taste of what's in store for them if they download and play DYNACOMP.



Now the crunch question that fans will be begging to know - when will it be released?

Parabellum : The answer to this one is pretty much standard fare. It'll be out when it's done. I'd be on the lookout for more cryptic messages, though. The web of information and disinformation is about to get very, very complex. I hope that people catch on, and realize that the secrecy and perceived misleading, is all part of the new style of gameplay.

Where should fans go to get in on this new experience?

Parabellum : Fans should bookmark and keep on eye on the Official DYNACOMP website, as things will happen over the coming weeks and months, not everything is as it seems.

Thanks for your time Parabellum, we'll be keeping an eye on progress with this exciting new project - good luck with it!




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