M08 - Zebra Straw
Walkthrough By Yodasplat
Published : 28th January 2004
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Venta, Lithuania
Date: 24 June, 2008
Time: 1600

Team Alpha
1 specialist

Team Bravo
1 Sniper
1 Demo

Team Charlie
1 Rifleman
1 Demo


1). Secure the Village
2). Destroy East Artillery
3). Destroy North Artillery
x). Protect Friendly Tank

I have good news and bad news: the bad news is that this mission is tough. The good news is .... well, there ain't no good news.

This mission is tough. Period. The reason why this mission is tough is because it's time based. You will do something that will trigger a friendly tank to start moving down the road. The tank will slowly crawl down the main road of the town and that town is crawling with baddies, some armed with AT. This means that you have to act quickly and one of the bad things about GR is that if you act quickly your friendly AI is bound to get killed just as quickly and possibly get you killed too.

Keep in mind that this is simply my interpretation of this mission.

You will have to move the AI around and use only one team until you can get the friendly tank through the town. You will use one team (in this case team one which is set up for CQB for that purpose). You will move through the town and kill as many soldiers as you can. (those facing the street). They are hidden through the houses and we'll go through them one by one. The important thing is keep the other two teams out of the way or they will get slaughtered.

If you want to finish all objectives of this mission you have to take note that the bonus objective is to protect the friendly tank. This means that since the tank will start moving almost right away, that is your first priority: protect the tank. This means that you have to haul ass and clean that town on the double.

Step 1: saving your own ass.

The mission begins with you close to a destroyed house in the middle of nowhere. Baddies are going to come from the east (from over the crater to the east) and the north. 2 teams will come from the north, one from the east.

Keep Leave 2 teams where they are and take team 1 on the north side of the house. Wait a few seconds until both teams of bad guys are visible (if you shoot too soon the second team will take cover and make your life harder) and then blast them as fast as you can. Don't be cheap with ammo. Taxpayers are buying them bullets, not you. The bad guys will come from both directions at the same time. You can't handle both at the same time but the other 2 teams you left behind will pin down the other bad guys for a while, giving you time to take care of the bad guys from the north. Once you are done with them move quickly around the house and take careful aim at the surviving bad guys (if any) from the east and help out your other teams in finishing them off.

Step 2: Getting to town.

Move immediately to the east with all teams. Team 1 is still key here. Remember to change magazine in your main guy. As you move east at first you will notice a tank and a bunch of guys on your right. Ignore them. As you walk a friendly bomber will stop by to drop a friendly reminder that USAF don't like enemy tanks. They will get wiped out rather quickly and effectively without you having to fire a shot.

Move north past them and as you do that you will see some guys to the left of the first house. Make quick work of them and then prep the grenade launcher. Move close to the south wall of the house and as you walk east before you reach the corner you will see some ruins in the distance. They are crawling with enemies (you can see a picture of the ruins on the right). Some of them have AT.

Let them have it with those grenade and be quick about it. Time's running out. Be sure to clean up that place and the trees beyond from a distance. You really don't have time to hunt them down. Blast 2-3 grenades among those ruins and them pick off the survivors as quickly as you can with your rifle. Keep in mind that now they know you are there and you just pissed them off.

People tend to get cranky when they get shot at. You are not best buddies with them now ...

There's another bad guy with AT inside the house opposite and to the north of the house you are hiding behind (you have to peek around the left of the corner shown in the picture above. That guy has AT and you have to eliminate him.

You can take one of the other teams and follow the friendly tank (if you have time and if you have been fast enough until this point) and as soon as you see the other guy peek out of a window you kill him.

Or you have to use the OICW with grenades and put one in each window or as many as you can inside the house until you get it... or just wait with the OICW guy around the corner until you see the AT guy peeking out.

In the map picture all the way at the top, where you see "patrols" in green, north of the road, there's an enemy tank. Your tank can get rid of it ... or might get killed by it. If you are quick, you can send one of your AT team to the road. They will stop as soon as they see the tank. As soon as you hear that they spotted a tank, if you are not in the middle of something you can jump to the AT guy, get rid of the tank and the supporting infantry around it. That will make the friendly's tank trip safer.

Step 3: Mopping up

Now the village should be clear. The tank will move through and you should hunt the last survivors (if any). From this point on ... it's all easy. All you have to do is crawl as sneakily as possible around until you see the big helpless artillery pieces to the north and east and them get rid of them with AT. If you brought 2 AT teams, this should be easy.

The tank to the north is so exposed you don't even need to get close to it. Just slowly take the AT guy up north until you have a clear shot and kill it.

At this point move your team back south to the village with team 1 and leave them weapons free. They'll be well covered and anybody that gets close and tries to be funny will get a bad surprise.

The tank to the east is a little trickier. You have to clean the infantry support first. This tank is well hidden and it won't be as easy to reach. keep an eye out for bad guys. The most direct approach (north-east) is not the best. You have poor visibility over the hill and enemies have cover and height advantage over you. Move to the south instead and walk through the rocks. Carefully peek around the rocks and pick them off as they try to reach you.

Let them come to you, don't go to them.

There's about 4 of them in total. After you got rid of the infantry, kill the tank.

Mission Complete.

Specialist Unlocked : Buzz Gordon



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