Desert Siege D03
Walkthrough By SOTO Mac
Published : 13 November 2002
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Cold Steam

Enemy Placement
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1. Eliminate Mobile SAM Launcher.
2. Neutralize Tent Camp.
3. Secure Depot Buildings.
X. Capture Intelligence Items.


1 Sniper Specialist
1 Demo Specialist w/ "SPV4", "DS" &"IT" Enabled in "GR".

There is a replay file to accompany this walkthrough, you can download it here. [Note v1.3.50. reqd]

Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 30 - 35 Tangos (Depending on Level of Difficulty).
Firepower: AK47s, AK74SUs, AK74SU/GLs, SVDs, PKMs as well as 1 - 60 Calibre Machine Gun Nest manned by 1 Tango.

I went with a Sniper and a Demo Spec. and Our Team's Unis / Character / Weapons Mod - "SPV4". SPV4 is not required to complete this Mission but is needed to View the Replay File Linked to this Walkthrough. If You'd like to View the Replay, you can download SPV4 here. There are many ways to accomplish these Individual Missions, and this Walkthrough is only Intended as a Guide. There are many other SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that will be just as effective as this one.

If there was ever a Mission in "GR" that required you to make the most economy of your Time while on OPs - It is "Cold Steam". This Mission requires you and your Team to be as Stealthy and as Efficiently quick as is humanly possible. This means dropping ALL Targets you put a scope on - IMMEDIATELY.

I emphasize this "Double-Time It" attitude so explicitly due to the nature of this OP. The INTEL - Which is the Bonus "X" Objective - will quite likely never be obtained if the FireTeam DOESN'T move smartly and quickly ( I still Missed the Intel @ the Depot w/ a time of roughly 9 Minutes hitting the building from Insert - LOL ) . All other OBs are of course not too difficult to complete, as they are not as much on the clock as is the Bonus "X" objective in this Mission. That being said...

Objectives X and 3 - Capture Intelligence Items and Secure Depot Buildings.
Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 20 Tangos.

- On Insert - The Sniper and the Demolitions Spec. should Double-Time it to the Rock Outcropping 90 meters to their 11 o'clock. Once there, have the Demo Spec. hold Posn. while You as Sniper - Move Yourself into a prone position, peeking just left of the Rock Outcropping.

- Now - Just meters away from Your Position ( 15 M ) will be a Patrol of 3 Tangos. These 3 Tangos ( If You've Double-Timed it to the Rock Outcropping ) will be at a stage of their Patrol Path that takes them away from the Primary Hide beside the Rock Outcropping.

- Dump all 3 of these Tangos and then Move the Sniper to face the 60 Cal. Machine Gun Nest on the Hill by the SAM Launcher. If You move to the spot by location designated on the Mission Waypoints Diagram - You'll be able to just see the Top of the Machine Gunners Head from Eyebrow to Cranium. Sight in - Take a Deep Breath ( Repeat if Necessary ), and then @ the middle of Your Exhale - Launch a .308 round Up Range, and through the Machine Gunner's Forehead.

- At this Point the Sniper and the Demo Spec. should now move to the Location designated on the Mission Waypoints Diagram to task the Second Patrol of 4 Tangos at the Far end of this Ridge. They will be walking on the Ridge that runs alongside the Valley just up the Hill from the Train Depot. There will be 4 of these Tangos, and If You and Your Team are set up where I've set the end of one of the Waypoints on the Mission Waypoints Diagram - You'll be able to see them Walk In / Sight them / Then Dump them. Be wary though as when You begin to engage this Patrol they will attempt to use the Lower Ground of their Location to engage You more effectively. They will even go so far as to evade down the Ridgeline and then Pop up in an Attempt to Sight You before You do them.

- Once You have eliminated this Patrol of 4 Tangos - You are basically free to now setup a Primary Hide just overlooking the Train Depot Valley. Scope the Area and construct this Shoot. It is Imperative that You see all Patrols Possible before Your Team engages ANY of these Tangos that now Patrol below You. They will move to suppress Your Position and quickly move to Overrun it as well.

- When You begin to take Targets here - You should have Scoped ALL Targets, as well as estimated the Order of the Shots, and on which Patrols those Shots will be taken in what Order. I know this sounds like Whoa - But its essentially a Methodical Process. Observe the Routes that the Various Patrols take, but be quick in Your Observations. A good Method for Me is - I'll Sight a Front / Back / and Middle Tango on Patrol. As soon as the Sight is dead on - I'll move on to Observing any other Patrols My Scope may fall across following the same Process.

- Once You've decided on the Order of the Shoot - Dispatch All Tangos in the Train Depot Valley with Immediate Haste as the Clock is ticking on this Mission. Be mindful that Tangos from the Train Depot below You will also attempt to Flank under Your Left and Use the Rocks to eliminate Your Squad. Simply move up as Quick as You can to the Left from Your Primary Hide, and use the Ridgeline Rocks as Cover while You bag them advancing up the rise towards You and Your Team.

- Move You and Your Team to the Left and down the wash to in front of the Train Depot. Approach this Opening at a distance of approx. 90 meters, and set up another Hide, Scoped on the Train Depot's Service Bay Door Opening - Tent Camp side of the Depot.

- You'll see a Patrol of 3 Tangos moving down the Length of the Parked trains inside of the Depot, as well as another Patrol of 3 Tangos directly Left of the Service Bay door Opening. Again - Construct the shoot to take ALL Targets as fast as You possibly can, and then Move to the backside of the ChickenWire Shack - Rightside of the Train Tracks.

- It is at this Point that You'll now see 2 Patrols of Tangos moving by the Depot Buildings up the Rail Line. One Patrol will be moving on the Left side of a Group of Boxcars while the other Patrol will be Right side of the same Boxcars. Eliminate both Patrols with Extreme Prejudice, and then Move up the Depot Buildings going left to get the Widest angle of Approach as is possible to the Building where the INTEL is being kept.

- Move You and Your Team up to the First building You encounter in the Depot area. Don't go in the Door Closest to the Large Gravel pile, but rather the Door on this Building that is on the Side between the two buildings. I say this as the Tangos guarding the INTEL in this Depot Building have a Perfect Fireangle on the Door from the Loft above. Pop that Door and You'll get Popped. Therefore I suggest that You use the Door on the Other side between the 2 buildings.

- Once into the first Building - Arm Your AT4 - And then Move to the crate Designated by the Picture in the Mission Waypoints Diagram. This is the REQUIRED INTEL. Simply move close enough to the Crate with your OP, and the INTEL will be considered as being gathered by Your Team. Once the Demo Spec. has achieved a FireAngle on the Upstairs Loft - AT4 them, and the Loft of this First Depot Building should now be Sanitized.

- Now that You've gotten the INTEL. It's time to move on to the First Objective of this Mission as listed.

Objective 1 : Eliminate Mobile SAM Launcher.
Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 3 Tangos.

From the Secured INTEL Building You and Your Team should now move ( As Designated by the Mission Waypoints Diagram ) all the way back to just short of the Insert Zone on the Lower Ridge. From there both You and Your Team should now move up the small path that Approaches and faces the 60 Cal. Machine Gun Nest. Have Your Sniper set up a Hide and prepare to engage a Patrol of 3 Tangos guarding the SAM Launcher. They will move into View up the rise by the SAM. When all 3 Tangos are in Sight - Eliminate them as quick as You possibly can. Not taking this Patrol Quickly and Letting them set up will more than likely drive one of the Tangos around the Rocks, where they'll then attempt to back door Your Team up the Path You're now on.

As soon as Your Team has dispatched this Patrol - Move Your Demo Spec. to an Advantageous Position so as to be able to make the shot on the SAM Launcher with the AT4, from just below the 60 Cal. Machine Gun Nest.

Once the SAM Launcher is destroyed, it is time to Secure the Tent Camp, Call for Extract, and then get back to CP in time for a Heineken.

Objective 2 : Neutralize Tent Camp.
Hostiles in this Area / Approx. 5 Tangos.

Double-Time Your Team past the SAM wreckage and down the Ridgeline to just about 150 Meters up the Rise from the Tent Camp. You will note a Patrol of 3 Tangos as well as 1 Tango that appears to be talking to another. He appears this way because He is. There is one other Tango on the Blind side of the Tents to Your Position. Do not worry about this Blind side Tango now as He will present when the Time is right provided You drop all targets as You should - And quickly that is.

Scope the 3 man Patrol and take them out. If You're efficient enough the 2 Tangos engaged in conversation, will not even note that their 3 buddies are now pushing up daiseys. Scope the Visible Tango and Drop him, and as You see Him falling move Your Scope to sight just between the Tents to his right. You'll see Our 5th and last Tango getting set up to take a shot at You and Your Team. Bag him then and that should result in a Successful Mission for both You and Your Team.

It is now time to get on the Horn and get some Transport called in for Extract. Inbound to CP - YeeHaww...

Tips and Strategies

  • This walk-through was played on elite. If you play either of the other two difficulty levels, you can expect less enemy encounters.
  • There are a few snipers strategically placed on the map. Use your Optics to scan any area you are about to travel to, and always stay low. AI Snipers won't miss if they get a shot.
  • Look at the " Mission Objectives " Diagram to obtain an estimate of where you can expect to encounter bad guys. The exact position, movement and encounter with the enemy forces depends on many variables, so it may vary slightly. Don't panic, Improvise.
  • Move cautiously. Don't stand up unless you are certain an area you are about to enter is clear. At a minimum, kneel when traversing to different areas. When holding, go into the Prone position.
  • Use the environment, the Enemy does. Given the terrain, there are areas where you can have a height advantage/disadvantage. Select your position carefully. Many of the Enemy troops are well hidden and waiting to get a bead on you.
  • If you're new to Ghost Recon, and you're getting discouraged...use the quicksave and quickload feature. If you're a Pro...try it with no saves, no threat indicator and complete ALL of the objectives.



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